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Creative Design AMA - Zed, the Master of Shadows

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so i think the next bit of lore that will comeout will explain what Shen's father did to Zed in the temple... zed killed the master ... but the master killed zed also ... or atleast in some sense ... the zed that is running around ulting fools now is actually just his shadow that is still alive - and that would explain the ZED scream in the temple - the actual physical/ human zed is no more

ay ay ay? riot u listneing??

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I had a dumb theory on Zed's appereance: but what if he was badly scarred? I mean like DISFIGURINGLY scarred.

The reason? Well, he and Shen would always tie in battle, but it seems to me that Zed would be the one to push himself a little bit TOO far. And when you push yourself too far, well, then accidents tend to happen. And Zed, while not stupid, I feel would keep doing it over and over, just THAT desperate to prove he is better than Shen (desperation which, in turn, let him to open the Box even though he knew he shouldn't).

This idea is spawned from all the bloody fanart that paints him as another generic anime hot guy. For some reason that irritates me.

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Corrupted Waffle

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so as zed is training an army of ninjas. Are Shen, Akali, and Kennen doing the same or are they operating in secrete?