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Item Store: Wish List for Insta-Purchases

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So, you know you're going to get item X next with your money. But, it would be really nice if you didn't have to navigate through the shop.

A second, recommended items sized list on the bottom of the right had side of the store (opposite the recommended items list vertically) can be filled with items and then prioritized in order of purchase which items you would buy the moment you got near enough to the shop.

Leave with Doran's Blade, teleport back, instantly purchase preset boots, and then get back to your lane without ever having opened the shop interface.

I think this would be a great system that utilizes the spare time after death and at the start of the game to a greater extent than ever before.

Plus, with a "buy this when possible" option, players have that self-appointed recommended items list they've always wanted.

I know I may or may not have described everything clearly, but hopefully I got the point across.


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That is actually something I have been wanting Riot to add for a very long time. The ability to make your own list or build of items in the shop menu rather than having the recommended items. I don't usually have too much trouble with navigating the shop, but I find that it would definitely help with some cases where players would try new builds or items. However, sometimes I do see players have trouble at the store and take too long to get what they want which could cost them very important moments in the game like team fights or defending a turret. So it would be pretty cool if Riot added our own bar at the shop menu where we could put our own six or more items that we plan to get during the game. Where we could change or set orders whenever we have time throughout the match. It could help new players find the items they want quicker if they could set it in lobby or even right at the beginning of matches. Of course the recommended list of items could stay but a personal list at the shop menu would definitely help players of all levels find the items they want to have by the end of the game in a fast manner.