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Anivia Champion Spotlight

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Fantastic spotlight. I've been playing Anivia for a few weeks now, and after watching this vid my kills went from 0-1 to 5-9. I've been doing it wrong, clearly, and tis vid led the way.

Interestingly, my son watched the vid with me, and even though he never plays Anivia (he plays Yi/Pantheon), his scores went up quite a lot after seeing the video as well. The "perspective on good play" that you offer in these vids is invaluable to the mid-to-beginner level players, and we thank you.

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Anivia is one of my top favorite champions, and I have a pretty decent k/d ratio with her. I think I'm currently at around 600 kills, 180 deaths, and 500 assists and here's my build:

I use 9-0-21 and spec for mana regen, and take clarity and either clairvoyance or teleport, Clairvoyance really helps when you're chasing someone down to get a good flash frost angle or throw up a wall.

Ruby Crystal -> catalyst
Sorcerer's boots
Tear of the goddess
Archangel's staff

If need be I'll get a chalice or a void staff, but by the time you hit Lichbane you're around 350 AP. With Zhonyas you have a 600-700 damage standard attack to couple with your gigantic burst damage from your spells. Works for me.

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Great video. As always I enjoyed watching. However, I like the games where you play against Riot employees instead of these pub-stomps. It's probably easier to show a champions skills against bad players so I guess I understand why you choose that route instead.

yes as a champion spotlight it's all right! you can show the cababilities best, if the enemies are not super smart and try to avoid everything, you would see not the effects of the spells and their strengthes, but just how difficult she is :P