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Disputes between Players and Tournament Officials

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If Chauster hadn't publicly humiliated ESL, this thread wouldn't have existed.

Sounds like a win for Chauster to me.

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For you to make this post hasn't helped this issue. What Chauster did wasn't unacceptable, far from it actually. If he never made the post making this issue public, would you have made a post addressing the issue. I doubt it. An issue like this should be made public, for the sake of your community; players will want to know how your company will take action against issues exactly like this.

Approaching a referee in any sport addressing a bad call is completely acceptable. Which Chauster did. People's personalities are very different online then in real life. So exactly what both parties said are irrelevant. But after challenging the call to the referee, the referee will never say "You trying to piss me off? Cause I'll just DQ your team." Never is that an appropriate response from a ref online or offline. The coach of a team will in post game interview be asked about this type of call by a reporter. The league will also know about the miscall regardless if the team addresses the league before it being made public. Riot should be paying attention to the tournaments. Have even a small report written by the admin of what happened in the game written. Riot doesn't have to look over each and every one daily but when a problem like this arises they have some base information to go on.

The referee will also never reach out to the player after the mistake was made public. So why did he reach out to Chauster after his blog post? Completely unprofessional. With the NESL running such a big tournament, it's only right to expect that their admins act professionally in a game.

From your post Marcou it seems to be favoring the tournament officials. You seem to be choosing the tournaments officials over your player base. Think about this, think about how a decision like this will affect your community. You claim to that your company goal is to be "THE most player and community focused game company in the world."; yes while these tournaments are part of the community, the players in them are way more important.

So riot why address an issue like this when you've taken no action. It embarrassing actually. I'll continue to play League of Legends but my stance on your company, and I'm not the only one, has shifted.