Warwick Jungle Build(?)

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Hi everyone, I was thinking about a possible jungle build when I get to level 30. (Yes I know that when I get there I could always test it out, but I want to get some feedback before then)

Anyways, here's how it would go.

Level One Stats (according to "LoL Builder Lite" on the Droid market):

  • 526 HP
  • 8 HP Regen
  • 693 "Effective" Health (I have no idea what this means, unless it's according to the armor/health formula)
  • 220 Mana
  • 8 Mana Regen
  • .817 A-Speed
  • 73 A-Damage
  • 21 Arm-Pen
  • 32 Armor
  • 31 Mag-res
  • 3% CDR

Masteries 20/0/10:
  • Red:
  • 3-Deadliness (Crit Chance)
  • 1-Plentiful Bounty (Smite)
  • 4-Sorcery (CDR)
  • 4-Alacrity (AS)
  • 3-Sunder (ARP)
  • 2-Offensive Mastery (Minion damage)
  • 3-Brute Force (AD)

  • 3-Good Hands (Death Time)
  • 1-Haste(Ghost)
  • 4-Awareness (EXP)
  • 2-Utility Mastery (Buffs)


3x ARP
6x AS

9x Armor

9x AS
(I know some of you would prefer Magic Resist, but I feel I get enough from my items later on)

3x ARP


Q-Hungering Strike (Life Steal)
W-Hunter's Call (AS)
E-Blood Scent (MS)
R-Infinite Duress (Suppress)
W, Q, Q, W, E, R, Q, E, Q, Q, R, E, W, W, W, R, E, E
The reason I get three in Blood Scent before I max Hunter's Call is because at level 1 Blood Scent gives 20% MS within a 1,500 range. However, at level 3 the range more than doubles to 3,100 and it gives 30% MS. I know the MS isn't too much, but the range helps a lot when you come back from death (or a "b") and you need to get to a team fight asap.


1) Long Sword/Health Pot
2) Madred's Razors/Boots of Speed
3) Merc Treads
4) Malady*
5) Banshee's Veil
6) Spirit Visage/Madred's Blood Razor
7) Madred's Blood Razor/Spirit Visage
8) Black Cleaver**
*Okay, right now you're either raging at me, or congratulating me. The thing here is that a Malady severely increases the damage of Hungering Strike. And, yes, it may not seem like too much but it does affect it quite a lot. (Also you have to consider that the Blood Razor does magic damage as well)
**This is purely situational. If I'm dying more than I'd like to be, I would get a Guardian Angel. If I'm facing a team with a major AD DPS, then I'd get a Thornmail. If there's a really annoying AP carry, Force of Nature.


I'm not 100% sure about this. I was thinking maybe Blue > Wolves > Wraiths > Small Golems > Lizard > Gank/Dragon
I would really appreciate it if you guys could give me a route or tweak mine in some way.

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nowadays, I've seen tanky warwick all over the games
this type of ww only needs wit's end and madred's bloodrazor for damage output
the rest of the items are pure defensive or a mix between survivability and damage

I'd prefer wit's end over malady because wit's end offer up to 50 bonus mr which a melee champion who will enter the middle of a battlefield needs.

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i go ww jungle too so here is my build:
Cloth armor + 2hp pots
get 700gold for razors
Zerk Greaves
get 40% atack speed from recurve bow
bf sword
black cleaver or bloodthirster
finish off madreds bloodrazor
phantom dancer
[Instert AD item] if you got enough time get cleaver / bloodthirster, whichever u didnt get
Guardian Angel (believe it or not, teamfight almost done, ur low hp, many dead ppl, you die, revive, ace)

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@iProbie I figure I'll be pretty tanky already with the Banshee's, Merc Treads, and Spirit Visage. If it's not enough I would end up getting one of the other items, but I'd still like to do some damage. Which is why I have a mix of damage/tank items.

@RoCCocheLLo I know a lot of eople get Cloth Armor but I don't see the point when I already have armor seals. I'd also rather have Merc Treads over Zerks because even if the team has little CC, the magic defense always helps. I also think that an off tank dps WW is a lot better than just straight DPS. Which, I think, is what you build when you jungle. WW isn't a carry, so I don't think he should be built like one.

But thank you for your replies, both of you.