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Bolth teams stats

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I would like to be able to see the stats of the other team ie;
Items ( could do with out)

all the things i can tab to see. Its vital to a good game to know who is who. By this i refer to who is an easy kill, whos lv is surpassing your teams and whos building what builds. It would just be nice to see these things with out having to hit tab every so often, I can see the draw backs but if it where able to be toggled id see no problem with this little addition.

I also understand it is all based on the last time you had seen them but even that's fine. For the most part i just want to monitor there lv's and hp in team fights to know who to focus fire when mob forms.
This is just my personal preference.

PS. I apologies for the grammatical errors. "Gram-er R hard"