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Morgana Ap/Supp Guide

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I dont declare myself the BEST Morgana player although I think I might be one of the better ones out there of what I have seen. I know that I still will learn more about diff strategies and playstyles and Im sure that I will get better, I also dont declare that I know everything, this is mearly what I do know. This guide is meant for me to just share on what I think about how to play Morgana my way and how to best maximize her effectiveness in being a AP/Support Champion. I dont go full AP or Tankgana. Ill share my playstyle and what I like to build into. This guide is also taking into consideration the upcoming patch for Morgana with the changes to her abilities.

I go 9/0/21 for Masteries. Max cd's- ap and Mag Red.

Now I assume by now that people that look at Morgana guides have a general idea on what her abilities are and do so I wont explain that. If you truly dont know go look it up on any of the other guides. I am sharing strategies on the abilities.

-I see too many Morganas using -Black Shield- every time you approach them with some character with some form of ap or cc ability. Basically easy to bait them and in return you get her on cd and she just lost a very helpful utility ability for the team fight or small skirmish. Basically Black Shield takes great timing to use not just apply it early and watch as your enemy waits it out. Just in the heat of battle knowing WHO to place it on makes all the diff. Sometimes opponents are smart and dont waste their cc's on that target. You must TIME your shield when they use such team ending abilities.

-Dark Binding- as with all skillshots takes some degree of skill and Morganas might be one of the more difficult ones to land in a skirmish. Its range is great but the missile speed is slow and has a big hitbox that can hit anything else on the way to your target. Mainly minions or the wrong Champion. In a grp fight to protect an ally from a melee or carry it can be diff with all the people in the way. In order to maximize effectiveness to land it you need to align yourself, of course like every skill shot but opponents can see that and will never just run in a line if they are smart. You have to predict and shot ahead or behind them. Granted I feel like Im pretty successful in landing it alot of the time. Its not an easy feat though. I use Exhaust as an opener to give me a window sometimes (+mag reduction from Exhaust mastery).

-Tormeneted Soil- Isn't that difficult but it does require the best placement to really get the most dmg out of it. You always want to place it in the area were your opponent will feel is his best ROUTE to run away. Usually behind him. About 1/4 of the soil is actually touching him. He either runs towards you or away from you. This same thing is used for the side lanes or jungles were there are walls. Make the most of the dmg. You chasing? Place it in their safest route. Hell have to waste time and distance running around it and that makes the diff on an ally or you taking adv of it. Also placing it in the best location in a team fight to make the most of the dmg. Not just on the FF target. Morgana is all about AOE.

-Soul Shackles- I see this failing alot from Morgana players. Of course I think its common sense to just not run into an enemy team and use it unless you are feed or they suck. You WILL die. I recommend following the tank and using this after he enters the fray. Use the ult at that point but dont get tunnel vision and just black shield yourself. Smart opponents will still target an ally carry and you need to set priorites. Also this ult requires great movement from the player in order kite around enemies since it slows their movement speed but you cant break the visual chain! Use this in team fights when they DO FF you and around turrets when they turret dive. (Tower Hug and Kite) Then there is also the CHASE! My fav part is about WHO to chase and also the quantity of players that are chained that make more sense to chase. Priorities are really important here. Sometimes just because an enemy is in low HP dosent mean you chase or stay on him while others are breaking the chain by running the opposite direction. Your teammates should be responsible for cleansing up the low HP enemies. I use Ghost to maximize my movement speed during this phase. Once that stun goes off either they are dead or you just add icing to the stunned foes by DB or aoeing them again.

Now, Ill like to clarify that these are my opinions and my playstyle for what Summoner Spells to use.

-Ghost- Reason? I use Lv.2 Sorcerer Boots so Ghost gives me that option of an escape and the MAIN reason, the Kiting and Chase while casting Soul Shackles. I think its really important for those players that have higher movement speed than you and to close the distance on the runners. Also get into those distant skirmishes that might take a while to get to.

-Exhaust- I started using this because I focus on Debuffing the enemy party with Mag Reduction (mastery). Its an initiator to debuff and land DB easier. Its also a great Flash or Cleanse baiter since after they use it, you just shoot Dark Binding at them right after. I also use it to support and ally by protecting them from someone like Jax or any threat to an ally. That plus Black Shield gives you a little more utility in a team fight.

I used to use Clarity but since then Ive gotten better at managing my mana and after a team fight when people have spent cd's and mana, they usually recall anyways. You should never run out of mana in an actual team fight anyways.

My runes are what Ive used since when I used to play as Tankgana. The runes are just as useful in this play style anyways.

-Yellow Runes- Hp per Lv.
-Red Runes - Flat Magic Penetration.
-Blue Runes - Cd reduction per lv.
-Purple Runes- Flat Hp.

As for my items and of course it might change a little but against a balanced team it will be largely the same.

- Sapphire Crystal & Hp Pot.
- UPGRADE to Catalyst (This is all you need for hp/mana recovery in the laning phase. You are set with this till you leave for your boots to start assisting in team fights.)
- Boots lv.1
- Sorcerer Boots Lv.2 (I get these boots no matter what team since I focus on Magic reduction)
- Blasting Wand
- UPGRADE Catalyst to Rod of Ages
- Either Blasting Wand or Negatron Cloak (usually get the Cloak for surv)
- The above items will get you into Abyssal Scepter
- Work your way into a Glacial Shroud.

Now I know that you might face diff teams but that is regularly what I run against the common team makeups. Any lopsided dps styles of course might change an item here or there but that is common sense.
Reason for the items are- I focus on debuffing the enemy party with Magic Reduction as well as being able to take some punishment and survivability with my - Items- Runes- Summoner Spells- Morganas own abilities to Kite and CC.
-Exhaust- Sorcerer Boots- Abysall Scepter - Magic Penetration Runes are part of the debuffing process.

I know there are more items that can reduce magic resistance but I also go for survivability. Now the premades I play with take advantage of my playstyle so its not like my teams are getting no benefit from my stratagies. My teamates arent stupid either. Fiddlessticks wit his Passive adds to the punishment or any AP teammate of mine loves me. You will protect teammates and debuff the enemy party as well as disrupt the other team wit all your Utility and CC's. Morgana is not a faceroll character by any means. Glacial Shroud will help to lower your cd's or you can also get a Golem to max out your cd reduction. Morgana has big cd's anyways so you dont really use your abilities too often in a team fight. You blow your cd's on the smartest times and then dont just wait around. Be a target to protect your teamates that are less tanky than you. Be a human shield and distraction. If you play smart and use your defensive abilities and summoner spells you will NOT die often.

Now, I did that into consideration the upcoming patch. Morgana's modified Tormented Soil will also debuff the enemy with Magic Reduction so that further increases this playstyles effectiveness. All the other changes (cd' reduction-mana cost reduction and bonus AA Buff) just make you even better so good for us.

I will hope to get better and add to this guide depending on Morgana as other players findings. I hope you appreciate this and any feedback will be granted.

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Junior Member


I play a lot of arrange team games with lunais and he knows a thing or two on moganna. U should post your kill/death ratio.

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Urziel De Mortin




I'm using similar build and I think it's really nice build for her. There are some minor differences if you play on TT.

(only TT tips)

1) no RoA - you can get RoA @ 12-15 minute it need 15 minutes to power up, but games are much shorter, that is a major weakness of RoA on TT.

2) anti-tank equipment - on TT you are usually fighting against 2-3 tank/m-dps chars, problem is you need some anti tank gear - Deathfire Grasp comes in mind (it's active skill).

3) stacking armor OR MR (not both) - on TT it's not uncommon to see whole team based on single dmg source (usually auto attack dps), it's quite situational, but it could be great asset for you with ARM/deodge items like:
- frozen heart (for CDR, mana, arm and nice aura)
- ninja tabi (for dodge and arm)
arm 120+ (with her natural arm @ 18 it's more than 200)

4) Dorans ring - very helpful on TT (HP, AP, MP/5 - everything that Morgana needs) - for level 1 fights.

5) Skillshots are asset on TT - during level 1 fights (ambush) it's nice and cheap way to scout the bush.

6) Killing wraiths - very easy for her, and quite nice boost in terms of gold - use Q to bind larg wraith, and W boils rest, you can do that easly on level 3 (with two points in Q one in W and dorans ring). Passive will heal you, only cost is mana.

Sorc boots are nice option for Morgana, but from time to time MT or ninja tabi are better solution (depends on enemy team). Glacial Shroud + Deathfire will give you 35% CDR with inteligence @ 3 you will have maxed CDR (must have for her - cuting CD from 15 to 9 sec is all she needs), Frozen Heart is nice for its armor and aura component (and CDR if you go without Deathfire). Another fine choice is Lucky Pick (component of deathfire), usually one of my first items on TT.

Morgana is great counter for Signed (posion wont break shield - it doesnt give direct dmg, just poisons the character, and shield can bo only broken with direct magic dmg or expire with time), zilen (bomb has no effect if cast on character with shield up, and it will limit dmg when char has bomb already set), jax (no stun while shield is up), with deathfire she can be pain for tanks (and jax) in other words quite nice character for TT, not game breaking but solid support for carry.

BTW, her HP / Shield / ARM will keep you alive while casting R; it's much easier to survive 3 chars then 5 (on SR).

Those tips are ONLY useful on TT, on SR your build will be more efficient.

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Senior Member


I defiantly agree with your decisions going into TT. Yes, the guide was merely in general what you should expect from a Morgana player and the Item buid was in taking SR into mind. Thanks for the feedback.

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I play a lot of arrange team games with lunais and he knows a thing or two on moganna. U should post your kill/death ratio.

kill ratio would be rather pointless for a support based role hes laid out. kills are coincidental, death are required as you need to be able to occasionally take a bullet to let your team escape and you almost always rack up alot of assist for just turning upto the fight.

but anyways, this looks like a solid playstyle, while insta-gibbing dumb people with AP morg is hilarious its just too easy to counter her combo, i like you love the support tank morg far more.

have you considered getting the new haunting guise? the regen is actually worth it on Morgana, and it has plenty of stats you want, hp, ap and more importantly spell pen. could fit in just after rod of ages for 40 spell pen so the abysmal scepter brings them to 0 since everyone smart takes merc treads against morg.

but otherwise great guide, i approve of it and its teachings.

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Yes, I do agree about the kill/death/assist ratio results. I dont care about how many kills I get. You are suppose to be supporting your teammates-disrupting enemy teams and being a semi-tank. I take pride in assists, everyone else can take all the kills they want. What Mestiso tried to mean with that if anything, was the fact that with the playstyle and build that I use it just mearly reflects onto the results at the end of a game. Of course though, I agree with you like I said about the kills and deaths. Priorities are suppose to be laid out and you cant be selfish either. I see too many Morganas going AP only to get rolled by some teams becasue of their squishiness and counter-Merc Threads. Yes AP Morg is fun, but I prefer my build if Im going against better teams.

I have tried out Haunting Guise and if you like it, all power to you. However, its not my thing to use. Reasons? Once I get Rod of Ages Its about mid-game if anything and Im nearing over 2k hp by this point. Getting Haunting Guise will give me some small stats and vamp. However reason I dont is:

-About mid-game you are starting to enter the team fights alot more. Vamp isnt giving you back enough hp in the heat of battle to offset all the incoming dmg you will recieve.You shouldnt die in early game with the already small passive bonus +1hp pot AND playing smart with your spacing of aoe's for lane control, Dark Bind harrasing and your summoner spells. Black Shield alone prevents many ganks and 1st blood against your teammates. You arent laning anymore or easily shouldnt anymore by mid/end-game. If anything you clean a mob in a lane just to give your tower breathing room. You want to be in all the team fights possible to assist.

-The +20Magic Pen is nice but I prefer Abyssals +20 magic reduction lowered for their whole party as an aura. You dont always have a chance to land abilities on all your opponets to debuff them. I feel like Abyssal will help in between cd's and during the fight. Plus it effects all your ap teamates so they do more dmg at any time even if you dont cast anything.

- The Hp and AP at this point from Haunting Guise are pretty small for the mid-game/end-game and the stats wise you are at. At this point you should be working towards your Scepter which by comparing this is how they rack up.
-Abysall Scepter- +70 Ap, +57 Magic resistance, Unique-As an aura Reduces the Magic Resistance of the enemy by 20.
I prefer these stats to the things I mentioned based on my usual position in the game. I prefer the +57 Magic Resistance for survivability considering how much AP abilities are being launched in a team fight against you team over the small HP bonus from Haunting Guise. You also get more AP from Scepter and the aoe debuff is helping you and your teammates more. Vamp like I said isnt helping in teamfights. Now, Im not saying your wrong but I prefer it this way for myself and my team.

One other thing. You dont always get everyone to 0 resistance. Maybe their carry with zero survivability but
I think its safe to assume that against great teams they all get some form of protection for AP. Esp if your main dps comes from your Carry AP teamamate's with CC's and such. I would see a Banshees Veil-Mercury Treads-Force of Nature-Aegis-Visage ect on the enemies. With the way I run you are getting at least +50 magic pen and with runes. Like I said you CAN get more but I prefer the survivability too.
When the patch goes live and if Morgana dosent get changed expect the modified Toremented Soil to give us more magic pen.

Other then that, I appreciate the feedback.