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[Guide] Suddenly...a WILD UDYR appeared!

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This guide is out-dated since the changes to Masteries in Season 2. I'm in the middle of my college finals right now, so I will not be able to update my guides until after Christmas. I plan on re-releasing my guides in a more streamlined form, and updating them for Season 2.

-Patch Notes
-How To Use This Guide
-SWOT Analysis
-Udyr's Positions
-Udyr's Roles
-Udyr's Responsibilities
-Pregame Options
-Build Explanations
-The Tame Build (TL ; DR)
-Playing WILD UDYR
-Twisted Udyr
-Closing Comments


Patch Notes

v1.0.0.124 - Guide up to date as of this patch.

Updated entire guide.

Specific changes:

Removed Tiger builds as they are less effective than tanky dps Phoenix attack speed build.
Updated Phoenix builds to be more synergistic
Updated viable items to be more in line with new build concepts
Updated Twisted Treeline section to be more clear and specific, and recognizing Omesh for his help on this section.

Added the section "Twisted Udyr" for testing and building an Udyr guide for jungling on the Twisted Treeline. Any help with the testing and theory process would be greatly appreciated!

Guide updated due to changes in Madred's Razors/Wriggle's Lantern procs no longer calculating for healing and mana regen when in Turtle Stance. This change was made in Patch 122

Guide Completed

1st Post Complete - Others to come in the next few days

How To Use This Guide
This guide is MASSIVE, I'm not gonna lie! Don't let that scare you, though!

I've included this little section to help you figure where to start:

If you are new to League of Legends
You really need to pick a champion besides Udyr to learn the game with. He?s more complex than most other champions, and since he performs best with dedicated runes, you will be better off waiting until you?ve mastered the game a bit more before trying him out.

If you just can?t wait to get going on Udyr, though, start reading these guides

these guides0 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=754980#post755000)

to help you learn some of the basics of the game itself that are not specific to a certain champion.

If you are new to Udyr
Skip this section and just keep on reading. I lay all the groundwork for each of the builds mentioned at the bottom, so you can understand the principle behind each concept.

If you just need a build that works
You need to stop reading here, because this guide is not for you. Playing WILD UDYR is a learning process, with too many nuances to just skip through all the background to get to an item list. However, if you are an experienced Udyr player and want to see how I build WILD UDYR, skip down to the bottom of the 3rd post for a summary of my recommended builds.

If you are tweaking a build to fit your particular playstyle
Focus on the core items in the build concepts that seems to fit your playstyle, and then tweak the item list to fit your style.

I started off playing League with ranged DPS champs such as Ashe, and I have tried every single ranged champ that exists in the game. However, in the interest of learning new roles, I started testing junglers. I immediately HATED it! It was too boring, I didn?t have the runes for it, etc. However, now that I have learned quite a bit about the game in general, played almost all the champions at least twice, and re-tried jungling with the proper runes, I?ve come to love the role!

The most important thing about playing junglers is quick clear times, good ganks, and maintaining viability as the game increases in length. Of the big name junglers, only Udyr seemed to provide all 3 of those features for me. Now, this is absolutely NOT a guide on who the best jungler is. I just happen to enjoy jungling with Udyr more than with any other jungler.

This guide is going to focus primarily on choosing between laning and jungling options for early game, and also what kind of late game itemization and tactics to use.

Although Udyr is viable in a lane (Turtle is awesome), this guide will focus on maximizing the jungling aspect of Udyr, because having a WILD UDYR appear out of nowhere and claw your face off before your first trip back to base is simply depressing. As a matter of fact, I use the guide?s title every time I complete a successful gank. The reason is two-fold?this lightens the mood for your team (it?s kinda funny), which can cause them to play better; and it makes your opponents angry (it?s a bit trollish), which can cause them to play worse.

Late game, Udyr becomes a completely unstoppable force?I?d rather have a WILD UDYR late game with full build than an Endless Rage Tryndamere with a full build because a WILD UDYR will live right through enemy CC and he brings a spammable stun to the table along with all his damage.

SWOT Analysis
I would like to introduce you to a very popular business strategic planning tool known as a SWOT analysis. SWOT, say hello to everyone! If you?ve read both of my other champion guides, I apologize for the same stuff over and over, but it just makes things easier!

The objective with a SWOT analysis is to identify attributes of a company, and then develop strategies to address the company's Weaknesses and Threats while also enhancing its Strengths and Opportunities. The following SWOT analysis of Udyr will identify areas this guide will seek to address:

-Extreme Durability due to Turtle Stance
-High early game damage with Tiger Stance
-AoE damage & hyper speed jungle clears with Phoenix Stance
-High Move Speed & Spammable stun on multiple targets with Bear Stance

-Melee range only

-Grants team the ability to have 2 solo lanes
-Can invade enemy jungle to disrupt their jungler
-Can ensure kills by ganking with the help of allies
-Can either go DPS or Tank as needed

-Champs with ranged CC that affects movement or blinds

Each option presented in the following sections are only presented because they are what I consider the best components to enhance Strengths, mitigate Weaknesses, help to seize Opportunities, or attempt to avoid Threats. You will find that much of the Strength and Weakness decisions are related to your actual build, but the decisions for Opportunities and Threats are more related to tactics and strategy.

Udyr?s Positions
This guide is designed to deliver the information you need to successfully jungle with Udyr. Laning builds are simply not the focus of this guide, because a WILD UDYR brings more to a team with his ability to stay on-pace with the rest of his team better than most junglers.

Udyr?s Roles
In any team game or sport, there are more than just positions. For example, there can only be one pitcher in baseball, but there are different players who perform different roles at the pitching position. Baseball teams have starting pitchers and closing pitchers, who each have different styles even though they play the same position. In addition, one pitcher might focus on getting strikeouts while another focuses on getting ground outs and pop outs. These various kinds of pitchers are what I consider to be ROLES. The POSITION is pitcher.

In LoL, there are really only 4 basic positions (Solo Mid, Solo Side, Dual Side, & Jungle). Most champs can fill at least 2 of these positions, and some can fill up to 3. Udyr, however, is really best suited for the Jungle. Thankfully, though, he is able to hold a lane and remain at max HP, even if he?s getting harassed non-stop.

However, this doesn't tell us what Udyr?s roles are. Sure he is a great jungler, but what kind of role will he play? The primary roles in League of Legends are:

Tank - Soaks up damage like a sponge and/or forces enemy team to focus them
Physical Damage- Deals damage primarily from auto attacks and physical abilities
Magical Damage- Deals damage primarily from magical abilities
Support - Buffs team mates and/or Debuffs opponents

Please note that most champions fill more than one role in order to encourage balance. However, some only fill one role, and they do it exceptionally well. A good example of the difference would be Shen and Caitlyn. Shen is really good at tanking, but he's also great at supporting his team. Caitlyn is so focused on pure physical damage that her team utility is trivial. Shen would be a champion who can fill multiple roles, while Caitlyn can only fill one.

Udyr naturally fits into 2 roles: Damage and Tank. What is unique about his damage, though, is that he can deal damage in a variety of ways. Classifying him as pure physical or magical is misleading since he can rack up quite a bit of hybrid damage with Tiger Stance by building a lot of Attack Damage. Plus, Phoenix enhances both physical and magical damage. This makes all sources of damage hybrid instead of purely physical or magical. Therefore, I?m simply listing one of his roles as Damage.

Udyr can also build tanky, making it nearly impossible to kill him when he is either in the middle of a fight or running away. The synergy of mitigation items (armor and magic resistance) with Turtle Stance is what makes Udyr so hard to kill.
Building Udyr in a manner that enhances a role other than DPS or Tank is not the goal of this guide.

Udyr?s Responsibilities
You may be thinking that a champion's Roles dictate their Responsibilities. That's not necessarily true. Just like a pitcher might have the role of starter or closer, yet may be geared to strike outs or ground/pop outs. The position is pitcher, the role is closer, and their responsibility is to either get a strike out or to get a ground/pop out.

The same is true in LoL. Just because a champion is filling the role of Tank does not mean that they only have a responsibility to soak up damage; they should also be looking for ways to support their allies or debuff enemies, among other things. Udyr is no exception.

To more fully understand this concept, I've included a list of responsibilities that Udyr should be handling when in a game. Please note that although any one of these might occur at any given point in a game, all of them will be required at some point in the game. As an Udyr player, you need to be aware of what your responsibilities are so you can perform your job correctly. I will not try to tell you which responsibilities are more important than the others because you need to adjust based on the circumstances in every game, and every part of every game.

Communication, Communication, Communication
I can?t stress this enough?


At the beginning of the game, I typically ask my team for cover and a leash at Ancient Golem. This allows me to safely and quickly obtain blue buff. I also ask my team to try their best to play safe until I can gank a lane, so that way they aren?t low HP when I gank.

Once you?re ready to gank a lane, start telling your team as soon as you are on your way there. Don?t wait until you get in the brush and then tell them. Type it in team chat while on your way, and ping your route so they know you?re coming and how. Then type ?GO!? when you?re ready for them to assist you with the gank.

Jungling Speed
If Udyr doesn't finish his jungling routes quickly, he can?t help a lane that?s under pressure without sacrificing the gold and xp he needs so desperately. In addition, quick clear times mean that Udyr can gank sooner, possibly giving his team the advantage in lane, allowing Udyr to spend more time in the jungle or helping other lanes.

Jungling Security
Making sure you don?t drop down too low in HP is vital to your jungle?s security. Make sure you have wards at the common entry points so you can see if you are getting invaded.

Jungle Invasion
Udyr is a very powerful counter jungler, which means he can invade the enemy jungle with lower risk than some of the other junglers. This means that if your lanes are doing well, you can always run across the river and try to disrupt the opposing jungler?s progress, and maybe even steal a neutral buff or two.

Map Control
You should be helping your team with wards in the river brush near their lanes so they can see an enemy jungler on his way to gank them. This keeps you from having to always go cover a specific lane because they are getting ganked too often.

Jungle Control
This is kind of mixed in with map control, but you need to be aware of it. Once Udyr gets some decent items and levels up Turtle to about rank 3, he no longer needs blue buff to sustain stance dancing as long as there are creeps nearby. Offer blue to one of your mana or CD intensive allies?they will love you for it, and they will probably perform better.

In addition, you have Smite?use it to secure Baron and Dragon in the event your team was out of position and is going for a steal. Always have Smite on cooldown unless you are using it for early game jungling speed, killing a champion?s minion (Tibbers, Heimer Turret), or securing a neutral creep or buff. By all means, use it as often as possible early on for the extra gold, but you never know when you?ll need it late game.

This also includes keeping track of when jungle creeps will re-spawn. Check out the fourth post to see the chart for the cooldown on each camp respawn.

Pushing Towers
When you successfully gank, or if your team is otherwise occupied, it is your job to dissolve the creep waves and then go to work on the turrets with your insane Attack Speed from either your items or Tiger Stance.

Covering Lanes
If your allies need a bit of cover in their lane, you need to go and expect to push the lane a bit. Try to push it out just enough for the creep wave to start heading back to your tower at the same time your ally returns to lane. This takes practice, but it?s very easy to learn. Just auto-attack with Turtle so you stay healthy, and stop pushing once the momentum is in your team?s favor.

Dealing Damage
You should be focusing on dealing quite a bit of damage during early game ganks. You can continue this concept if your opponents are not able to hurt you when they focus you, but that will be rare. Most of the time, you will be going for early game damage, mid game survivability, and late game you merge the two together.

Since you will be in the jungle unless you are ganking, you shouldn?t have to worry too much about the tanking role until mid game when you will be staying in lanes and getting involved in skirmishes. However, once you are fighting your opponents more often, you should be able to handle quite a bit of pain. Building mitigation is the best way to do this, since your Turtle Stance grants you "free health" every 5 seconds or so.

The biggest thing you can do, though, is save your teammates from getting jumped on or chased down. I've saved my teammates countless times by simply switching to Bear, poppin someone with a stun, then continuing on my way. I actually have this happen several times a game most games. Keep an eye open for these opportunities!

Continued in next post...

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...continued from previous post.

Pregame Options
This portion of the guide will discuss the viable options for Udyr in Summoner Spells, Runes and Masteries. The options listed are only those that make sense on Udyr to help with his SWOT strategy.


Summoner Spells
With Udyr’s only weakness being melee range, and the only threat to him is ranged CC, there is really only 1 summoner spell that makes sense on him, other than Smite, which is a MUST for jungling.

Well, I shouldn’t have to say this, but yes, you MUST take Smite. No negotiations. This improves your jungling speed, security, and improves your control of the jungle.

I used to use Ghost, but since Udyr already gets a great move speed ability (and most likely some items as well), I discovered that Flash is best way to close the gap while chasing or for getting away in a hurry. Ghost doesn’t get you over a wall, either…Flash will! The applications of Flash are much more useful for Udyr than Ghost. Even though he is a melee champion he can still land multiple attacks without an additional move speed buff because of the stun from Bear Stance.


When it comes to runes, remember that the focus of this guide is to make sure you clear quickly and safely, and your first gank is a success. I have built the rune page around that concept, because Udyr gets very little benefit from ANY kind of rune late game. For the purposes of this guide, I will be using the following rune page:

Attack Speed Marks
Dodge Seals
Attack Speed Glyphs
Move Speed Quints

You may not have the above rune page available to you, so I’ve included some reasonable alternatives for you to try if you have them. However, these ruens are not recommended for optimizing your jungling times or for successfully performing your first gank.

Other Viable Options
Marks – Armor Penetration, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, Magic Penetration
Seals – Armor
Glyphs – Magic Resistance
Quints – Any rune form any category already listed

Maximizing your mastery build is another part of making your jungle clears as fast as possible, and making sure you are a WILD UDYR when you perform your first few ganks. I prefer the following 1 / 13 / 16 Mastery Page:

LeagueCraft Masteries (http://leaguecraft.com/masteries/0010000000000002030421100000031040022031000)

This will be the default page for this guide because it has a little of everything Udyr needs for the early game. If you’re wondering whether it’s necessary to build EXACTLY this mastery page, it’s really not. Feel free to tweak it to your preferences, but I really like the Flash cooldown reduction, xp boost, and extended buff durations from the utility tree and definately the Smite mastery in offense. Another must-have is the Armor in defense...After that, it’s up to you!

The items listed below are the ones that I feel are viable on Udyr. Each item has a brief label for what attribute it enhances. There is also a brief explanation of why the item is useful on Udyr.

Any item omitted is because I feel there is a better option available that provides a similar set of stats, or that the stats provided do not make much sense on Udyr. If you have a question about any of the items below or you want to know why a specific item is missing from the list, please post in the comments and I'll be happy to give you the reasoning behind the included or omitted item you are curious about.

All items are listed in order of their purchase price, then by the order of importance if the price is the same

[35] Health Potion
Early game Defense. Get these when the game starts, and only get more if you are forced back to base VERY early in the game and do not have enough money to get something else. Once you get at least one damage item and Turtle stance Rank 3, you should never need another potion. Just find a minion and kill it!

[300] Cloth Armor
Defense. You should be starting with this item. No other item allows you to jungle as quickly or safely, and you are protected from quite a bit of damage from your gank targets as well.

[400] Null-Magic Mantle
Defense. Getting one of these early on in the game will greatly enhance your survival for your first several ganks or skirmishes when opposing casters typically have their full combo. The MR from this item combined with Turtle makes you extremely tanky for the early game. Upgrade into Spirit Visage or Wit's End later on.

[740] Negatron Cloak
Defense. Once you get a damage item or two, you should be looking at the opposing team and who can deal the most damage to you during a gank or team fight. If you are more susceptible to magical damage, then grab this! You can just rely on this item by itself until you are ready to upgrade into either Banhsee's Veil, Force of Nature, or Quicksilver Sash.

[850] Ninja Tabi
Defense and Utility. If you will be using dodge runes & masteries, this item means you can pretty much ignore armor late game since your dodge chance will be pushing 30% with your passive. The reason this item grants utility is because with the dodge proc mastery, you will be getting a 10% MS boost every time you dodge...that's a pretty big boost!

[1000] Madred's Razors
Damage. Well, this item used to be a MUST HAVE, but since they fixed what was apparently a bug where Turtle Stance could heal and regen off of the Razors proc in patch 122; this item is now only useful for clearing the jungle quickly, securing dragon, etc.

[1050] Recurve Bow
Damage. It makes a great early item to combine with your choice of boots so you can pump out the Phoenix procs. You will need this item to build Wit's End anyway. Try to get this around the same time Phoenix Stance hits level 3 or so, because the enhanced dps from the AS synergizes very well with it.

[1550] Spirit Visage
Defense and Utility. The health and MR granted by Spirit Visage is great! Grab Kindlegem first, because the CDR will greatly help you in team fights when you need Bear or Turtle off cooldown just that fraction of a second sooner. The regeneration boost is great for Udyr once he has the lifesteal from Wriggle's and Turtle is level 3-5. Once you get this item, you should never be low on HP unless you just got done with a fight. In which case, just find a few creeps and heal up!

[1600] Wriggle's Lantern
Damage. This is your first item (besides perhaps boots) for damage. The life steal and free wards are too good to pass up, and this item dramatically improves your jungling speed and security. It also allows you to invade your opponent's jungle to steal buffs and even get early dragons and barons.

[2000] Thornmail
Defense and Damage. Yeah, that's right...this item deals damage. It's absolutely insane if your opponents have 2 or more auto attackers that deal physical damage, since the calculation on the damage returned is based on the pre-mitigation damage...that is, the damage BEFORE armor is considered. This means that Tryndamere who hits you for 500 AFTER your 100 armor has reduced it from 1,000 is receiving 30% of 1,000, not the 500. This means instead of returning 150 damage per attack made on you, you're returning 300. That's some serious damage! Granted, the damage from Thornmail is reduced by MR, but still...150 after 100 MR is better than 75 after 100 MR.

[2150] Wit's End
Damage and Defense. The damage output from the AS on this item combined with Phoenix procs makes Udyr a damage powerhouse late game. It also grants him some extra MR, which is great for synergy with his Turtle shield.

[2175] Force of Nature
Defense and Utility. I would only get this item if you are building some extra health somehow, and only after you have completed said health items. FoN will enhance your staying power by quite a bit, regenerating large amounts of health every 5 seconds! The move speed on FoN is a great addition to Udyr’s inventory because it helps him close the gap when chasing and allows him to escape more effectively. this item is especially useful if you already have Frozen Mallet or Sunfire Cape in your inventory.

[2405] Atma's Impaler
Damage and Defense. This Item grants you about 20 extra AD per 1,000 HP, meaning that Udyr at level 18 and one Giant's Belt item will probably be pushing 60 extra AD from this item. The extra crit chance helps quite a bit as well.

[2510] Sunfire Cape
Defense and Damage. Although the damage on this thing is minimal, the fact that you will likely be up in the face of your opponents means you will probably be getting plenty of assist gold just because you have this item. The synergy between this and Phoenix Stance is also a great benefit. The health and armor are also beastly on Udyr. Mix this with a Force of Nature, and you've got yourself one heck of a tanky champ!

[2600] Guardian Angel
Defense. Wow...this item...simply absurd late game. Imagine the scenario...WILD UDYR is scraping your face off...you FINALLY kill him after fighting for over 30 seconds. Just to have to start fighting him all over again! This is a late game item with unbelievable power. If you're on par with all the other players, you will be able to grab this item and significantly increase your chances of winning team fights, since you'll probably be focused down pretty quick. If they don't focus you down, then you should just destroy their team. If they do focus you down, your team should destroy them! This is a must-have item late game when everyone has full builds.

[2715] Banshee’s Veil
Defense. Prior to the 30 minute mark, you probably don't need to worry about getting this, and after that, you only need it if you are actually getting harassed by disables. Grab a Negatron Cloak early on if you are getting harassed by magic damage, and then you can decide if you need the bubble or not. If you do, upgrade into BV. Otherwise, you can get Force of Nature, or just sell it off for something else.

[3250] Frozen Mallet
Damage and Defense. If you are not building Trinity Force, you can get this item to obtain a constant slow of 40% (note that this is higher than Ashe's Frost Shot @ 35%) and some survivability for Udyr. This makes him much harder to kill since he now becomes an excellent kiting champion, and your target can’t get away from you unless you are tired of chasing them!

[4070] Trinity Force
Damage, Defense, & Utility. This item really is amazing on Udyr. His high base AD helps a lot when calculating the actual proc itself. The fact that Udyr can proc this every 2 seconds without EVER stopping is ultimately what makes this item desirable on him, though. Stance Dance to the max for extreme damage with TriForce.

Continued in next post...

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...continued from previous post.


Skill Order
Since this guide is about making sure you are the WILDEST UDYR possible on your first gank, the following skill order should be used for maximum speed and security in the jungle, along with the maximum damage to your gank target on your first gank.

Phoenix Start Skill Order
Phoenix, Turtle, Tiger, Bear
Phoenix clear times are the fastest, but you still want the Tiger proc for your first gank. Due to the speed at which you can clear your side of the jungle, you could then proceed to counter your opponent. This is especially helpful if you are able to gain a kill on their jungler.

Once you have reached level 4, selecting which ability to level up next is really based on the following information:

Put one point into this by level 5, and leave it there until you finish leveling up the other skills. You just want the proc damage on this skill until late game when you also want the AS boost.

Level this up if you are dealing enough damage without continuing to level up Phoenix. Basically, unless you're super fed, you want Turtle maxed out ASAP because it is your means of health and mana regen. The higher the skill, the better the regen...don't be a moron and try to deal more damage but die because you didn't have enough points in Turtle!

Level this up if you are having trouble getting where you need to be fast enough. DO NOT level Bear up past 3, because the extra move speed is simply not enough to justify losing the AS or AP/AD bonuses in Tiger/ and Phoenix. The reason is because Bear puts you into the -50% diminishing returns on move speed with just Boots 2, meaning that those last two points in Bear aren't really granting the move speed shown in the ability tooltip.

Level this up if you find your damage lacking, but you aren't having any survivability issues. Phoenix grants you more AoE in team fights, better damage from Tiger, and better shields from Turtle. This thing is simply absurd...Put points into this once you are fighting 2+ people, and watch as your opponents just melt...that's right, I used a fire idiom...get over it!


Start the game with a Cloth Armor and 5 HP potions. Don't argue, or WILD UDYR will claw your face off!

Grab your Boots and whatever components of Madred's Razors you can afford on your first trip back to base.

You will ALWAYS be getting Wriggle's Lantern as soon as possible. The benefits this item grants you are simply too good to ignore. Besides, you're a jungler! It's your job to take down the creeps as quickly as you can! Since the correction on the bug (Patch 122) related to the proc healing when in Turtle Stance, this item is mainly so you can clear creep camps quickly, keep your Health topped off, and controlling the map with the free wards.

Grab yourself Ninja Tabi as soon as your opponents start getting boots 2. This will enhance your speed and will defend you from enemy auto attackers.

Once you have both Wriggle's and Tabi, you are now set to build defensive items. Build Spirit Visage next, starting with Kindlegem. Next, get the Null-Magic Mantle and upgrade into SV. The CDR from SV gives you more stance dancing during team fights, which means you might get that extra Turtle or Bear in time to cheat death or secure a kill.

Now build Wit's End, starting with the Recurve Bow. This item lets you really pump out damage with Phoenix during team fights, and makes you extremely tanky for such an early stage of the game.

I like to then transition into Banshee's Veil for ridiculous defense against casters. You're also getting more health and mana, which means you get to stick around even longer! Health on Udyr is great because it means you get more time to proc more Turtle shields.

At this point, you're sitting on top of some serious defense. At level 18, you will have about 150 Armor, almost 30% dodge (with 3 stance procs), and 185 MR, plus you have the BV spell shield and the Turtle proc every 4.5 seconds or so. Level 5 Phoenix is dishing out some serious damage, but you simply won't die!

Since you already have 5 items, you can either build more damage or more defense for that last item slot. I prefer to go with damage, and I typically get Trinity Force, starting with Phage. This gives you a slow so you can keep up with runners, a bit more damage for towers, and a bit more HP for even more survivability. Once you finish TriForce, you are simply a pain to deal with, because it takes forever to kill you, even when focused. And if your opponents don't focus you, you deal enough damage to rip their team apart.

If the game lasts long enough for you to actually finish this build, and you still have gold to spend, sell your Wriggle's and build Madred's Bloodrazor.


The Tame Udyr
So, you don’t want to actually learn how to be WILD UDYR? You just want to be told how to do it? Okay, fine…but you won’t be WILD UDYR with just an item list…

Cloth Armor & 5 HP potions
Boots of Speed
Madred’s Razors
Wriggle's Lantern
Ninja Tabi
Negatron Cloak
Spirit Visage
Recurve Bow
Wit's End
Negatron Cloak
Banshee's Veil
Trinity Force

If the game is still going, sell your Wriggle's for Madred's Bloodrazor

Continued in next post...

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Continued from previous post...


Jungle Respawn Timers
It is vital for your team to be aware of when each jungle camp will be respawning next, so they can make sure they will be on the lookout for you in case you get jumped. It also helps you figure out when your opponent might be grabbing freshly respawned camps so you can steal them, or get a kill.

Here are the respawn timers for each camp, in the order that you typically clear them in a game:

Camp - Initial Spawn - Respawn
Buff Camps - 1:55 - 5:00
Small Camps - 1:40 - 1:40

Dragon - 2:30 - 6:00
Baron - 15:00 - 7:00

It should be every player's goal to learn this stuff, but as a jungler, you have less going on during the early parts of a game, so it makes it a bit easier for you to follow.

As an example of how this can be used, let's assume you want to counter your opponent on their second Blue (assuming that's where they start). You would need to arrive right around 7 minutes game clock time in order to either fight them or steal blue. Use this knowledge to help your team get in position for tactical steals and ganks on their jungler, or for protecting Baron/Dragon!


Jungling with WILD UDYR
This section focuses on the intimate details of jungling, such as routes, item usage, etc.

General Jungling Tips
You will need cover from your teammates until the minions actually show up in Blue camp. You will also want to get a teammate to "leash" Blue Golem because that will cause him to walk towards your ally instead of attacking you, at least for a few seconds. Make sure you ask your team (NICELY) to cover and leash for you, because without this, you will be VERY slow in the jungle.

The typical route for Udyr is Blue, Wolves, Wraiths, Red/Mini's, Mini's/Red.

Then, you will have to decide if you need to gank a lane immediately because a teammate's lane is under extreme pressure, go back to base and gank because a lane will be under pressure very soon, or whether you have time to go back through to get Wolves and Wraiths again.

Once you've completed your first run through, you are ready to gank with some decent gear and levels. However, you still stick to the jungle when there are not any available ganks to be had. Keep killing the jungle camps and planting wards at critical junctions, such as the river brush for top and bottom lanes and the entrance to Dragon.

NEVER attempt a bad gank...this just shows the other lanes that you are not in their vicinity, which might open the door to them trying to kill your teammate in that lane by playing more aggressively than they would if they didn't know where you were.

Jungling Play-By-Play
After your ally leashes Blue, use Phoenix Stance. Wait for the activation AoE to stop, then activate it again. This allows you to deal damage over time to the little lizards while you are attacking Blue. If possible, you also want to face Blue so that the little lizards are behind Blue so your Phoenix attack procs deal damage to the lizards as well. This is not always possible, but it probably won't matter anyway. You will probably proc the Phoenix AoE 3x anyway, which should come VERY close to killing the lizards on it's own.

Grab a point in Turtle after you clear Blue. Alternate between Phoenix and Turtle to clear Wolves & Wraiths, putting your level 3 point into Tiger. Clear Red with a Phoenix > Tiger > Turtle > Phoenix cycle. The bonus AD and AP from Phoenix should last long enough to grant the extra AD to Tiger and the AP to Turtle, allowing you to maximize your security and speed.

Clear the mini Golems next, and put a point into Bear.

If you can continue jungling, then clear Wolves and Wraiths again, Smiting the big Wraith first. If a lane needs a gank, get there ASAP if you have full HP. If neither of these are true, go back to base to shop, then move on to ganking.


Ganking with WILD UDYR

Gank Strategy
When you gank, make sure your allies know you're coming. Sometimes players are in the middle of a heated battle, or so caught up in nabbing those last hits that they don't see you just off the screen, ready to pounce. I like to type that I'm on the way, and ask my laning teammate if they are ready, and who we target. Tell them you will ping when you're going, that way they will know when to go without scaring your target.

Try not to gank early game unless you have Red buff, or your laning teammate has some kind of slow or Exhaust. This will keep you from failing your ganks because you couldn't keep up with your target.

I typically go for the less mobile champions first, since the damage Udyr does at such a low level is far beyond what even most tanky champions can withstand. The order of importance for determining your target is as follows:

Lowest HP > Lowest mobility > Lowest CC > Highest Damage

This helps you to prioritize your target based on who is going to be the easiest to kill. If both targets have decent HP levels, take the one with the lowest mobility. If the both have decent HP and mobility, take the one with the lowest CC. If they are even on all of these, then go after the one with the highest damage output to mitigate the damage your team takes during the gank.

Try your best to enter the lane between your opponent and his tower, that way he has to go through you to get to his tower. This can be a bit risky if they have Flash or a Flash-like ability, but since you took Flash, that shouldn't be a problem. If they Flash past you, just use your Flash and Bear to catch up and pin them down while you unleash your inner fury!

Gank Play-By-Play
You want to charge in with Bear form, switch to Phoenix, then Tiger, then Turtle. This allows you to close the gap, trigger the AoE damage from Phoenix, enhance your AD for Tiger damage, and enhance your AP for Turtle shield.

This tactic is difficult to pull off, but if you can land it successfully, the damage output and cc on your target usually ends in certain death.


Twisted Udyr
This section of the guide will focus on Udyr's usefulness on the Twisted Treeline map. Udyr is great on this map because he excels in small skirmishes more than he does in full 5 on 5 fights.

I recommend using the same rune pages that were posted for Summoner's Rift (SR).

I recommend using the same mastery page that was posted for SR.

Smite / Flash
Flash / Exhaust.

Take Smite to ensure your team gets all the buffs, which are MUCH more powerful on TT than on SR, since having a buff on one champ in TT is inherently better than having a buff on one champ in SR. Remember, that even if you have to stack all the buffs on yourself, that's okay, because your opponent's will not have them.

Flash is a must-have on TT...the ability to cut your travel time around a wall by almost 10 seconds can make a HUGE difference on this map.

Exhaust is simply amazing on TT, essentially turning a 3v3 into a 2v3. Use the mastery to decrease opponent armor and MR for even more damage while you take less damage from them!

Starting Items
Use the same starting item as on TT, Cloth Armor.

Jungling Route
Start at Wraiths in the middle jungle on your side of the map, then go to the jungle at the top of the map to clear the smaller camps, ending with the Wolf buff camp(s). You can theoretically clear all the top jungle camps, assuming your opponents are staying in lane. Just make sure you aren't leaving a buddy out in the cold!

Skill Order
I would go Phoenix, Turtle, Bear, Tiger...then focus on Turtle and Bear until they are maxed (Bear = 3). This is a slight change from the SR recommendations because the move speed from Bear will be more valuable on TT than on SR. However, if you find you don't need the MS, max Turtle and Phoenix first.

Item Build
Same as SR...it's a fairly cheap item build, and you will be super hard to kill!

This guide's recommended build order provides plenty of defense and damage at the appropriate times throughout the game. I think that build order will grant you the most powerful stats during each phase of the game.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to Omesh for his help with TT build experimentation. Although I haven't used all of his concepts, some of the stuff in this section of the guide was originally his idea.

His concepts are found in this post: . (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=967802&page=5)

I'd LOVE to get some more help with this project, so if you want to give it a whirl, try it out, and let me know how it goes for you! I'm gonna try it out some more in the near future, so if any changes are made, they will be in the changelog.

Closing Comments
It has been an absolute pleasure to work on this guide. I hope that it has been helpful if you are new to playing Udyr. As with all my guides, I keep up with this one on an almost daily basis, so any questions you might have will usually be answered within 24 hours.

Because I'm not exactly an expert jungler (I've played roughly 100 games as a jungler), I still find out new info as I play. However, Bourge42o has been a great help in getting this guide completed, and he's an absurdly experienced jungler (estimated over 1,000 games). He keeps me in check, and I imagine that he will be posting some corrections within a week!

Happy summoning!!!


If you enjoyed this guide, you might like my other guides, which are linked below:

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awesome please continue!

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awesome please continue!

I will...Just takes a while to finish it all up and make sure everything is correct...

I can only go so long before I gotta take a break!

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Mr Fuzzie

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lol, thats a long guide
Edit: i just read it. All of it. It makes me want to play udyr again.

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Mr Fuzzie:
lol, thats a long guide
Edit: i just read it. All of it. It makes me want to play udyr again.

IKR?!?! He's like...awesome!!!

I can't wait to finish this thing, but really, all that's left is basically a tips section for each phase of the game (jungling, ganking, late), for each stance concept.

Coming SOON!!!

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I really like the guide, a lot of information stuffed in there. I plan on starting to play Udyr eventually (relatively new to the game, so gonna take some time to farm up the ip for all the runes and buying him) and this was a great help.

Also I was wondering what a leash is when referring to blue buff, could you possibly clear that up? I've had a couple people ask if I could give them a leash and I had no idea what they meant.

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I really like the guide, a lot of information stuffed in there. I plan on starting to play Udyr eventually (relatively new to the game, so gonna take some time to farm up the ip for all the runes and buying him) and this was a great help.

As a tip, if you ever get a chance to try him out without buying him (free week), then you should...even if you don't have all the runes you really WANT.

Also I was wondering what a leash is when referring to blue buff, could you possibly clear that up? I've had a couple people ask if I could give them a leash and I had no idea what they meant.

Yeah, of course!

Basically, a "leash" is where a non-jungler teammate (typically solo mid) will auto attack (or even use a ranged ability) to attack blue buff from across the wall. This makes the creeps try to run around the wall to attack the solo mid player instead of the jungler, allowing the jungler to dish out some damage without taking any. It makes your jungle times much quicker, and you have much higher health during the whole first sweep, therefore more safe too!

Hope that helps...