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ZAM.com - League of Legends: What Happens when DotA Grows Up

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An amazing article =) Being in this community is amazing as well xD Sometime I forget about the outside world and there gossips about LoL because there not here with us testing =P but reading things like this always gets me excited for what there is to come in LoL! I cant wait to see this game grow

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I´m sorry, but I cannot take his text seriously. If he formed an opinion and what the preview states is it then he´s one happy guy and good for him, but imo it just sounds like an ad and is too non-critical. I like the game and spend quite some time playing and modding it, but there are two sides to every coin and the article is just bad if it was supposed to be unbiased.


Btw, what happened to my other comment in this thread? I was criticizing the article... Hmm

^No just the wrong section... Nvm

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This game ruless.........but it will be bomb if they put 10 vs 10 to 20 vs 20 ...and put the sistem like practice mode that you can make you grup but in normal mode ..

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TBH I disagree that LoL is DotA all grown up. IMO LoL share only the objectives in common, otherwise LoL and DotA are two separate compeltely different games. that Title belongs to HoN if anything, and it's welld eserved as it's their goal.

besides that, it's nice to read an article about one of these games that mentions nothing of the other.