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Ali's Unstoppable Build [Ryze: The Rogue Mage]

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Ryze the Rogue Mage,
To start off simple and not to go very much into detail. He is mainly AP (Ability Point). If you are reading this right now and thinking of something to say to be a smart ass, just don't read this post. I just want to show new players how to use Ryze, because I honestly rape with him most games.

Your Rune's page, you want to try and have something similar to this.

Tier 3 Mark's:
- Greater Mark of Insight x9 (+0.95 magic penetration / total of 8.5)

Tier 3 Seal's
- Greater Seal of Vitality x9 (+1.08 health per level / total of 175 at 18)

Tier 3 Glyphs
- Greater Glyph of Focus x9 (-0.65% cooldowns / total of -5.85)

Your Masterie's page, you want to try and have something similar to this.


1/3 Deadliness (Optional, I needed 4 points in order to move down rank.)
3/3 Archmage's Savvy
4/4 Sorcery
1/1 Archaic Knowledge




You do not need to follow exactly this utility build, because it's recommend for those who have Teleport along with Flash.

1/1 Spatial Accuracy (Optional, if you have teleport)
3/3 Perseverence
4/4 Awareness (Optional)
4/4 Expanded Mind
3/3 Meditation
1/1 Greed (Optional)
1/1 Blink of an Eye (Optional, if you have teleport)
3/3 Intelligence
1/1 Presence of the Master

For your spells, I would recommend 'Flash' and 'Teleport'. -- Just incase a Champion tries to escape you can flash towards him and snare. Teleport, because you can teleport to a tower or unit to help your teammates.


Strategies to how to nuke, your Q, W, E, R keys are important! you can be a noob and just spam your keys. Whenever your about to enter combat, use "Desperate Power", then use "Rune Prison", then use "Spell Flux" and "Overload" at the same time, instant death (If you some stacks around x2-4, make sure you never nuke a tank).

The first item I usually go for is "Amplifying Tome", then I rush my "Mejai's Soulstealer". Each time you slay or assist a champion, you get x1 stack added on to your AP. I recommend getting this early in the beginning because with all your magic penetration you would get first blood or an early slay. (Recommended)

Next, purchase yourself a Health Potion. After you obtain your Mejai's Soulstealer. Try not to be too aggressive, if your gonna nuke a champion please make sure you are confident you're gonna kill him because if you don't your gonna end up feeding.

After you get your Mejai's Soulstealer, focus on "Boots of Speed" into "Sorcerer's Shoes" (your gonna need movement and magic penetration now). These boots are gonna be helpful in gank situation. Make sure you do not farm all game, what are you doing? Your suppose to get your stacks up in order to win team fights, everyone is gonna be depending on you.

Next, you want to focus on building "Rod of Ages" before 20 minute mark, because rod of ages helps you a lot overtime because it adds on 1AP per minute. I would purchase
Blasting Wand first for AP, then work on building a "Catalyst the Protector" to Rod of Ages. (These items if you are on an account from level 1-15, you would rape any character, because at level 30 many users would have magic resist by now).

So on, you want to now focus on a "Void Staff", again I would purchase "Blasting Wand" for the AP, then get "Amplifying Tome" into Void Staff. You're going to need this extra +70 AP along with 40% magic penetration. Again, you do not want to keep farming, start ganking with your team or champions that are alone. If your lanes are pushing up, you want to try and get some buffs from Golem (mainly the cooldown creeps).

From this point, you should be unstoppable unless the team is full of tanks or unless you massively fed the other team.

(Option 1) If the game is going longer, you want to purchase another "Rod of Ages" because it stacks x2 AP per minute. Very helpful if you are down on stacks and AP.

(Option 2) Purchase a "Banshee's Veil", because it blocks one negative spell every 30 seconds. I would not recommend going for this, if the team has a lot of casters.

(Option 3)
If your team is really down, you want to rush a "Zhonya's Ring", because it adds +120 AP and gives your champion invulnerable for 3 seconds (but you cannot move, which is lame). After you get Zhonya's Ring, you want to purchase your second Rod of Ages.

At level 1, you want to have these abilities in order.

Spell Flux[1]
Rune Prison[1]
Spell Flux[2]
Rune Prison[2]
Desperate Power[1]
Spell Flux[3]
Rune Prison[3]
Spell Flux[4]
Desperate Power [2]
Rune Prison[4]
Spell Flux[5]
Rune Prison[5]
Desperate Power[3]

The reason you want to overpower 'Spell Flux' and 'Rune Prison' first, because these are gonna be your main AOE damage. Spell Flux bounces from target to target and Rune Prison helps you stun for a slight second.

Major Helpful Tips

Never waste your abilities on tanking champions, also never use Spell Flux on a champion if there's no other champion or units near him because it won't bounce for damage. If your gonna use Spell Flux make sure there's champions around him, use Desperate Power before going. You want to Rune Prison, then use Spell Flux for AOE.

Early game tips, never be too aggressive unless your with a premade and you trust your teammate.

Other than that, you are set to dominate other champions with Ryze.

If you enjoy using my build for Ryze, please leave some feedback, comments or questions about it in this post, thank you!

P.S - If your gonna flare this post, just don't read it and move on.

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P.S - If your gonna flare this post, just don't read it and move on.

Should have put this at the start you **** before I wasted 5 minutes reading your ******* guide.

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Way to write a guide for the easiest character in the game, like people couldn't figure it out. If you need a guide to play him and you're not level 1, you shouldn't be playing.