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New champion suggestion

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Forith, the Midnight Shadow

Passive Ability :All Forith's spells unexpectedly pounce at an enemy, adding a 25% chance to inflict a stun or snare. If you cast a spell on enemy already stunned or snared it will inflict 40% bonus magic damage.

First ability (Q ability)

Shadow Strike
Forth tar storms into a shadow, increasing movement speed by 30% and is invulnravle to attacks for 1 second

Dark Blade

Forth flings a blade at an enemy, dealing damage and slowing the target by 20% but cannot be further slowed by another ability for 3 seconds

Twilight Fire

All Forith's spells inflict darkness, blinding the enemy for 1 seond but you cannot blind the same target in 5 seconds

Ultimate ability

Storming Darkness

Forth summons a Dark Storm, trapping an enemy champion in the vortex and stunning as well. If the target is already stunned, it will increase the duration and dealing significant bonus damage