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Morang The Hell Gardener

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At the beginning I would ask not to criticize my English. I know that is terrible. I am writing with Google translator.

So I present to you Marang, a champion who introduces new innovations to the league.


Our hero since childhood interest in plants. When he was older conducted numerous experiments, whose purpose was to create a plant with human traits and intelligence. People from surrounding villages that thought is a charlatan and wanted to get rid of it. One evening, people invaded his castle. When they entered his laboratory bound and forced him to drink all the samples they have found. It was thought that this man died, and it's true. Since there was already człowiekim, was a combination of man and plants. All I feel is hatred and a desire to murder all the creatures encountered.


On his head appears large, jagged, straw hat. He wears a faded, purple sleeveless tunic unbuttoned. He has torn black pants and bare feet. His whole body like a plant. has a waist bag with seeds. His one hand charge kind of Ivy jaw at the end. Spitting green slime.


Passive :

Blood fertilizer
For each dead DevilPlants permanently champion receives 10 hp lifesteal 1% and 3 damage. Up to 20 stacks. When morag dies loses one stack. For killing two stack and a first assist

Poisonous Spike
Morang shoots poisonous thorn in the enemy by inflicting damage
2/3/4/5/6 seconds.

Devil Plants
Choose a location grows (permanently) a plant resembling Flycatcher. Shooting at enemies, 5% of the damage it heals.

Poison Wall
The preferred location of the wall stems of plants. if the enemy starts to attack it receives a poisonous damage. (zar plan whose goal is to stop the fleeing enemy chapions)


Forest Vines Vampires
In the area grow vines wrapping around immobilizing their enemies, draining their HP, and restoring it Morang

I did not write coldowns damages, etc., because they do not know much about it.

Morang is not robust. It has little HP. is Renger, mage.