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The Courage of Demacia - Throughout Valoran, one of the bravest leaders among their military which is Xavier the paladin.

Type - Melee, tank, fighter
Appearance - Golden armour , large golden shield, A long sword, golden helmet.
Health - High, Spell - Medium, Dmg - Medium, Diff - High

Abilities -

Passive : Battle bravery - For per 0.04 health Xavier has is added to current Armour .

Q Thorn Aura : Passive - each 8/10/12/14/16 % of damage recieved by Xavier is returned as magic damage.



R Revert Damage - Xavier absorbs all incoming damage for 4 secs and releases it in a large radius depending on the damage received with the base damage of 150/200/250 + (0.35)per Armour. Max damage 3000. No damage can be done to Xavier when ulti is activated and he cant move but Xavier can be stunned to halt this from happening. (The damage reduces throughout range)

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Big Pete Nasty

Senior Member


Alrighty, so I'm guessing he'll be something of a tanky caster? If so I don't like the idea of him having a sword but whatever.

P: I actually really like this. Passive armor is good in that unlike Olaf, an atma's won't make this too strong but it still gives survivability. The only problem I see is just one of wording I think. Do you mean .04% of health becomes armor? if so I would suggest scaling it up as well as higher percentages at levels 7 and 13 just because this is so very small.

Q: I like the idea of a magic thornmail but the reason it doesn't exist in the game is cause AP damage is generally very high bursts so the item/skill would be overpowered. However, if you changed it to something like passive: X amount of magic resist, active: Xavier returns 8/10/12/14/16% of magic damage taken for the next 4/5/6/7/8 seconds, I think it would be decently balanced and still get the effect you're looking for.

W: N/A

E: N/A

R: I'm afraid this is too similar to Galio for my liking but work with it to try to tweak it a bit.