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[Guide] AP/MR Singe Build

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interesting, never thought about using lich bane on singed

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I use Lich bane less on Singed since they changed his ult not too long ago. I usually get it when i need more speed and some more damage and MR to take on more of a carry role. If you don't need extra armor in your 5th or 6th slot and you need speed, you get Lich Bane.

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I just came off a game being able to solo upto 3 at a time. I always go philo stone first great regens and extra gold, boots then RoA then upgrade boots to swiftness then either sfcape or FoN situational and nearly always get will of the ancients as i usually am around 3+:1 kill death ratio so the spell vamp keeps you full health while running around creeps and champs. This is a great starter guide though it's pretty much what I did when I first started playing him. I play Jungle Singed now and then with ghost/smite and it works amazing.