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Champion concept Zorlem: the force manipulator

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Zorlem – The force manipulator (spherical ball of dark matter and gasses with strange glowing eyes. Hands of similar appearance are floating on either side)
Range: 550
Base movement: 305
Utilizes mana

(Passive) Consistency: the last enemy that Zorlem hits with an ability will receive a debuff causing them to take slightly more damage from Zorlems or other allies abilities (damage is equal to the current level multiplied by 2 (1.5 if that damage is too much)). This debuff can stack up to 3 times but will go away if Zorlem hits a different enemy with an ability.

Cooldown – 3 sec at lv 18
Force of dusk (scales with ap): shoots a thin skill shot starting from a specified point and adds a stack of consistency (similar to Rumbles ult only it is a single damage shot and leaves no trail)

Cooldown – (10 sec+the time the shield is out) at lv 18
Force of dawn (scales with ap): on activation creates a shield that blocks incoming damage. If reactivated before the shield disappears it may be thrown to either an ally champion or an enemy (has a max damage for enemy minions). If an ally is the target the shield is transferred to them and heals them for the amount of shield left and increases the speed of the target. If an enemy is targeted they are damaged for the amount left on the shield and are slowed. A stack of consistency is also added

Cooldown: 8 sec
Force of oneself (scales with ap): Passive: Zorlems auto attacks deal a very small amount of true damage for every stack of consistency an enemy has
Active: If a target is selected that has a stack of consistency, damage will be dealt and another stack will be added. If the target does not have a stack of consistency but another opponent does, the stacks are taken from an enemy possessing stacks (the range for this to happen is very large but still limited). One of the stacks is destroyed and deals damage to the enemy previously having the stacks. Any remaining stacks are moved to the target.

Cooldown: 120 sec
Force of the unknown (scales with ap): puts three stacks of consistency on every enemy in range, deals damage and stuns an enemy in range that already has stacks. Temporarily allows up to 6 stacks to be on an enemy at once and temporarily allows stacks to be on any enemy rather than just one.