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Onerime, the Mime.
Role: Tanky Support.

Passive – Every ten seconds, Onerime becomes untargetable for (x) second(s) (not affected by CDR)

Q - |Box| Target enemy champion becomes boxed for (x) seconds. Deals damage before boxing the target.
(Being boxed is a new type of disable where a champion is unable to take any actions, unable to take damage, and is unable to be buffed or debuffed. The champion is pretty much cut off from the fight until the box is gone.)

W – |Force Push| (Toggle) Normal attacks become ranged and begin to do magic damage. Each attack pushes target enemy unit back a bit. (Takes a certain amount of mana each attack)

E – |Hush| Onerime creates a ball of energy at target location that grows in size over time. While enemy champions are within the ball they take damage. Once they exit the ball they’re silenced for (x) second(s).
Each enemy can only be silenced once until another ball is placed. Enemy Champions can see Onerime casting the ability and depending on the direction he’s facing, where it might be, but the actual ball of energy is invisible to them.

R – |Mime’s World| The entire map goes gray. Enemy champions lose vision of every champion on the map for 1 second. When they regain vision, what would be viewed as enemy champions to them is replaced with the figure of one of their allies.
For example, If my team consists of Ashe, Master Yi, Leblanc, Lux, and Alistar, when the enemy Onerime uses Mime’s World I will view his team as Ashe, Master Yi, Leblanc, Lux, and Alistar. In Mime’s World, allies gain increased armor and magic resistance.

| Possible Abilities|
R - (Suppress) Onerime Boxes both himself and Target Enemy Champion until Onerime runs out of mana. Mana runs out at a certain quickness. Mana regen is not accounted for while this ability is in progress.

Dance – Pretends to be in a box. The most popular mime trick.
Since mime’s don’t talk, I was thinking that his taunt and jokes and movement quotes could all be sound effects. For example, a bike horn.

I know tanks are usually soposed to look buff or big in a way but I want him to be a relitivly skinny mime, who's also french. My idea to make him seem/feel tanky is for him to have this protective force feild around him that appears when he takes damage. The sheild does not actually reducing any damage. It's just soposed to give off the allusion that he is blocking/abosrobing the incoming damage.

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Monkey King Bar

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Bad design.

lol ok i'll explain
I can't really tell what his role is. It says that he is tanky support but because of the fact that he can suddenly become ranged it makes him feel like he should be played DPS. He also has no tanky. He does have support abilities but he has too much CC as support. His Q is basically a you do nothing for [X] seconds while his W is you can't ever hit me if you are melee aslong as I get max Atk speed and alot of mana/blue buff. His E can't be seen so the enemy has no way to counter it or pretty much do anything against it. Think about it like if Veigar's Event Horizon was invisible you would never be able to tell where the edges are so the only thing you can practically do once he casts it would be to stand still which is also a bad idea so you will get stunned which makes other players frustrated because it makes you feel useless against such a spell. And now the Ultimate is just complete bull **** due to a burden of knowledge either it is usefull or useless. Having your allied champions appear as the enemies allied champions makes it very difficult to understand or very easy to counter like how Shaco's clone can easily be found out by pinging before shaco ulties or looking for item/buff particles. So if you see an Ashe with Sheen, Aegis of the Legion, and a Warmog who happens to be headbutting people and stomping on the ground you can easily tell that it is Alistar however if you are level 3 and played only a few games then you have completely no clue what to do and how to counter such a spell. His other potential R is basically "I get a bunch of mana then I use R on the enemy carry" he would basically be a walking extremely long supression you would not need him for anything else at all all he needs to do is hit R then click Vayne, etc. The enemy team would be completely be unable to stop him as he also boxes himself.

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Not much new about it, I don't understand why the ult would be advantageous at all.