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Godly singed build for twisted treeline

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I think this guide made me want to try singed. I don't think the item buildup is quite right, but...

I like the idea of getting a Guise + Sunfire on him. Sounds fun.

Seems like starting with
Crystal (dunno Red or Blue) + pots
Boots + Catalyst
Guise + boot upgrade.

would be a pretty fun build for TT. Little expensive toget to the banshees tho.

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In my long experience with Singed (my main) I have ever used my basic attack as a primary kill strategy once, and that was an silly experiment one day when I got bored and wanted to try alt-builds.

Morale of story: it was bad. I could squeeze some dmg out of him, but found myself still using poison and fling as main sources of dmg.

Conclusion: Everything about Triforce helps a champ who uses their basic attack for any other reason than just to hit something between spells, which any good/mediocre/terribad-who-just-picked-him-up Singed player will never do.
Basically, as long as you get boots, you will probably do good with singed, but if you are gonna waste money, at least get team-supportive items like aegis or soul shroud.