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Champion analysis: Rammus

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Disclaimer: I am not a high ELO player.

I'm a long-time Rammus player and I know the champion like the back of my hand. I'm in charge of the Rammus thread on the TeamLiquid LoL sub-forum (http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=170955), and I felt like sharing my thoughts on the champion. This post is primarily aimed towards Riot employees.

So, first off: Rammus is a middle-of-the pack champion in terms of power level. There is no pressing need to buff or nerf anything about him.

That said, there is one thing thing about Rammus that I strongly feel should be changed:
*Reduce the "self-stun" duration on Powerball.
Hitting an enemy champion with Powerball should guarantee a Taunt follow-up. Currently, it doesn't; if an enemy champion has Ghost, Flash, or some other speedup ability as well as Tenacity, there's a good chance you won't be able to get off your Taunt on them before they flash away / run away. In the case of an enemy running away, it also depends on how close you got to them before colliding with them (Powerball sometimes gets very close to enemies before hitting them, other times less so; try hitting all 4 wraiths by powerballing towards them and you'll see what I mean).

Other things about Rammus that I'd like to see changed and why:
*Spiked Shell armor to AD conversion increased to 30% at level 7 and 35% at level 13.
Mathematically, this sounds like it could be OP; At a 35% conversion rate, a chain vest (700g) would grant the same AD as two longswords (830g) as a bonus, on top of its normal benefit.

In Rammus' case, however, it shouldn't be a problem. Champions like Jarman, Renekton and Lee Sin have big AD coefficients on their skills; Rammus has no AD coefficients at all. Ranged carries dish out tremendous damage with high AD values, but they have much greater attack range, and get crit and attack speed to synergize with AD. Rammus has no synergy whatsoever with AD; moreover, stacking armor to get free AD would be a terrible idea from a survivability standpoint, because stacking only armor (or mres) has only constant returns to scale on your survivability whereas getting both armor and health has increasing returns to scale, and lategame, Health is a much better tanking stat vs. enemies with Void Staff / Last Whisper- especially on Rammus who gets truckloads of free Armor / MRes!

The reason I think he could use more of it, is that his damage is kind of sad in the lategame; AP is not good on him (it takes roughly 2300g worth of AP to boost his Tremors by the same amount of damage Sunfire Cape's passive provides, only Sunfire Cape provides the damage with 100% uptime as well as a bunch of Health and Armor for only 300g more) and he doesn't have any mechanic to keep him relevant and dangerous in a drawn-out teamfight, no equivalent to Amumu's Despair or Singed's Poison Trail. After Tremors ends, you just sit there waiting for your CC abilities to come back up.

*Tremors damage rebalanced from 65/130/195 to 65/120/215
Level 11 Rammus with a Sunfire Cape is very, very scary; the combination of his damage output, mobility, survivability and CC is just silly. On the flipside, level 18 Rammus is pretty much completely harmless. Level 1 Tremors is in a pretty good spot atm.


That's pretty much it. Some other aspects of the champion feel a bit silly (the damage return component of DBC is nice vs. minions in the midgame if you can get them to hit you but it's a joke vs. champions; also, the armor debuff component of his Taunt is a bit of a joke), and his laning phase is nothing short of atrocious (you should always jungle with him!). The only areas that I feel are "problematic" with him atm are that, as I explained, his midgame feels a little too strong, his lategame feels more than a little too weak, and not being able to consistently chain Q -> E feels frustrating at times. Other than that, the champion is solid overall and a lot of fun to play as.