Couple minor tweaks for Yorick

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Tried him out a couple times. He's not as bad as I had thought he was, based on having played against/with him before. He's just hard to build because you have to pick one direction and ignore the others for a while.

Anyway, I think it may be a bug but when Yorick is under a turret and one of his creeps attacks an enemy champ Yorick gets turret aggro. This is inconsistent with other summons as far as I can recall.

Also, Omen of War seems a bit counter intuitive. You have to hit the enemy with a melee attack in order to spawn the ghoul and get the move speed bonus, but if you're in melee range of the enemy then why do you need a move speed bonus? (I suppose as an escape, but that's sort of silly seeing as to how it's "Omen of War", not "Omen of Run Away Like a Little Girl".) I think it would make more sense to have the ghoul spawn on cast rather than on the hit. That would make it an effective chase skill.

Also, "You will remember Yorick Mori."

The facepalm I had was unbelievable...

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It's a bug that affects Annie and Tibbers too, you can expect a fix for that when people start calling Tibbers the weakest ult in the game. I'd support changing Omen of War into a melee range skillshot that spawned bonus on shot and ghoul on hit. Seeing as his W is already a free summon though I can't endorse a free summon on his Q too.