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Yorick's mechanics are a still little wonky.

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So after Yorick got buffed there's still some things that I think mechanically don't work.

1. His Q's speed buff only procs when he hits someone with it. I think the speed buff should proc when he hits his Q so that he can catch up to the enemy and use his auto attack.

2. His E and W scale off att. damage, but do magic damage. This is really messed up. There's really no good thing to build off of unless you get sorc shoes and a BF sword.

3.His ghouls don't chase. Once the ghouls lose sight they're just like "...ehh **** it." and stand around. This makes no sense, especially regarding his W which is supposed to slow in the area.

I think if these 3 things were fixed he could be a better more viable character.