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Could a up to date monitored suggestion forum help better the game experience?

It might 2 66.67%
It will be out of date soon 0 0%
You mean patches without RAGEQUIT?! WOOOOT! 1 33.33%
No, we are screwed/ No, the game is fine 0 0%
Voters 3 .

My opinion on balance

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In order to create or contribute to a good game requires, obviously, lots of thought and careful consideration for situations. You cannot anticipate for every reaction of the players nor can you calculate each and every single variable. You can do your best by assuming the things you know: 3v3/5v5 , All characters have limits, Almost every character has a benefit by working with another aswell as different pros and cons when faced against one another.
Certain example: When playing as kat lvl 1 Vs Ww lvl 1, atleast from what I've witnessed, WW retains every benefit and viability with each move lane to lane with the kat. The kat can feed ww , starve herself or try to turret hug while remaining close enough to get exp. Regardless she wont get much gold and is invitably pushed.
This doesn't mean that ww's op, heck it might mean every kat I see just sucks, but looking at the moves the difference in survivability is obvious and jumping the ww isn't any easier.
I'm pro WW my self, one of my fav chars, but maybe certain chars should be awarded defenses or even hidden traits.. not so much as numbers but mechanics. I'm not as bold to offer skill ideas or suggest a "Noob" button for all characters, just pointing out that nerfs never end well in any great game. Look at everquest, Look at WoW, Look at any game that started free to play but eventually relied on its cash shop to maintain servers. Equal experience opportunity is all I ask and I can't ignore that small holes are tearing rather than being carefully sewn up. I suggest a serious un-opionated discussion on how to create more game mechanics, one that is monitored by a Riot Employee that still has some precious time since I know how much they are already working. I know the best way to maintain a company is to serve its clients and recieve mutual gain person to person but profit overall, Listening to your clients is the best way to maintain your profit and continue its rise if any.

Thanks for reading, back to my insanity now bai.

Any ideas to help equalize the game or anyone who feels like calling me stupid

\/ \/ Post down there \/ \/

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So It looks like there attempt of buffing yorick cause him to need to be looked at again? Is it because he tanks so easily? force of nature + 1 health item = unkillable yorick. Its fun! so what did they do to him now?