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What to do if u CANT UPDATE

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hey there we got a discussion about what to do if u cant update.
try this:

seems like i found a work around with a proxy!
if someone else could test it to verify it would be nice:

1. download the patch manually
1.1 to do this you have to know the adress: look into the log file for its adress
example: http://ffs.solidstatenetworks.com/goa/goa-lol.ffs
1.2 this WILL fail if you don't proxy it. try via http://www.anonymouse.org
1.3 copy into your LoL directory
2. proxify the launcher
2.1 download proxifier (http://www.proxifier.com) or any tool like it
2.2 find a free proxy via google (this is hard! try this list http://sockslist.net/cgi-bin/socks/index.cgi)
2.3 configure your proxifier to use a proxy and test it, if it works continue, else find another proxy
2.4 startup the launcher, and wait for it to recognize it already has the patch (it still will want to try downloading it, but usually this fails because of proxy, and only after that it will check if it already has a file)
2.5 shut down proxifier
2.6 start LoL and enjoy