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Y do people suck with panth?

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plus they are going to nerf his ult when the release the magma chamber

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Don't max E early. At low levels it doesn't do a enough damage to compensate for its long cast time. You're better off with just using stun, auto attack and q. Plus it won't consume your mana. E isn't really worth using until you get it and your stun to level 4 (stun doesn't hold them long enough at earlier levels for E to do full damage), and even then you need a lot of AD to make it effective. Q is far more effective early game to secure kills.

boots level 1
sword of the occult
last whisper
2 defensive items
blood thirster


I level all the skills evenly q ->w->e and max r last because r really does have limited utility. You'll be beefy enough to survive most encounters to make your occult viable and with enough stacks you'll decimate people with your e.