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Detailed support guide?

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I've been putting a lot of effort into learning to play supports properly, but still have a LOT to got until I can feel reliable enough to pick support every time.

Here are the ares where I'm really lacking:

-Proper warding: The best locations, when to ward, how many wards should I buy and still have enough money to get items.

-Summoner spells. I've becomed used with clarity when playing Sona or Karma (although I really hate Karma), since it eases the preasure of my cash flow, allowing me to be more relaxed with last hits. But I can't use Summoner Heal or Clarvoyance properly at ALL. When should I pick each, and when should I use them?

-How do I avoid getting focused versus a skilled team?

-I'm thinking of buying Taric.How is he compared to Janna or Sona?

So help a future support player out...

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My personal preference for supports is Janna > Sona > Taric > Soraka > Karma, although all of them are very good with unique playstyles. I have the most experience with Janna and Sona though, so I'll talk about them, mostly.

Warding and map control are learned skills, which you'll pick up extremely fast while playing support. AwwGasm wrote a very useful guide on warding a while back, here's a link: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=237436
When it comes to money, I suggest building a couple GP/10 items early on. They took a hit in the last patch, but even a single Philo stone or Heart of Gold can help. Items like these are extremely important later on, as once you become more comfortable with the support role, you should be letting your lane partner take the majority of the last hits. Feeding the carry, if you will.
For summoner spells, I like to take Flash and Clarvoyance. CV is great at all stages of the game for helping with map control, while Flash is useful in clutch situations. I prefer it over Ghost as both Janna, Karma, and Sona have speed boosts, while all supports have some form of CC or disable. If you want to take Clarity and/or Heal, that's fine too, as these can help the entire team. Just make sure too keep an eye on the health and mana levels of the rest of your team, and remember exactly how much each spell can restore at certain levels. Another good spell for supports is Fortify if nobody else has it.
Avoiding getting focused all depends on your positioning, your map awareness, and how well your tank is filling his role. Obviously, you are of less importance than the carry, so you should be ready to look after yourself in case your tank is needed elsewhere. Taric is usually beefy enough to be closer to the front, the resistance bonuses from Sona's W allow her some safety, and between a slow, a knock up, and a shield, you shouldn't have any problems surviving as Janna.

Taric is a very solid support; the stun, heal, and armor aura make him a very strong lane partner, while helping out in late game as well. He's a very well rounded, well balanced character, and a solid pick.
Sona is unique for a support in that she can be played as a support while still being a serious threat to the other team; her natural auras mean that stacking AP on her works amazingly well. She works best in mid-late game, with low cooldown heals, a speed boost, a game-changing AoE stun, and the ability to nuke for upwards of 400 damage.
Soraka is much more of a reactionary support than the others; she can burst heal for upwards of 1000 when building AP, restores mana, and can silence. However, she's at her most useful when your team is taing hits, and can't do much to end a team fight sooner like other supports can, if you know what I mean.
Janna is my favourite support for a number of reasons. She's very item-independant, letting you focus entirely of buying wards and support items.Her skills are very good at helping you both feed the carry early on and shutting down the enemy team during the late game, making her effective at all stages. She can completely reset her team after a fight with R, allowing for longer, better pushes. If you want a support, Janna is an extremely viable, not to mention fun, choice.

I'm not an expert by any means, but hopefully this will help. Supports are woefully underplayed, and it's nice to see someone making an effort to learn an underappreciated role.

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I love playing support

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If your serious about support I would buy all of them, or the good ones at least.

Janna - Works best AGAINST teams that have strong initiation (things like warwick, ammamu, jarvan)

Sona - Works best WITH teams that have strong initiation or aoe ults (gangplank ammamu kennen fiddle sticks) Also works pretty well with hybrid AD carrys bottom (ezrael or kogmaw) since they benifit from both AP and AD.

Taric - Works great with caitlyn, is really strong now with his new ult, good for teams that lack tanking power.

Soraka - Works really well against teams with strong poking (lux, kennen, nidalee, gragas, ezrael, orianna, zilean)

Alistar - Very similar to taric

Pick whichever one fits the description best based off your team comps.

For warding, buy 2-3 right at the start (level 1) and make sure there is always at least 1 (preferably 2) up at all times in bottom lane (dragon + tri bush).

Get 2-3 G/5 items boots 2, if your team is doing really well you might consider buying oracles to snowball your advantage, otherwise just buy really cost efficient items like aegis or utility items like shurelyas.

I would only play until your comfortable with the support role, don't get stuck playing it all the time your better off learning how to jungle/solo lane well to improve more.

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I personally like kayle for a support champ with her balance of offensive and support abilities. She is able to support her team amazingly well with her ult, especially if she has a few cd reduction items, and can still turn on the enemies and surprise them with a big sting. Otherwise I like soraka, but she needs to be on a team with heavy offensive champs.

For summoner spells the support usually takes clarivoyance and flash, stay alive and u aren't supposed to be dealing that much damage to enemy champs so the clarivoyance works on you for supporting your team. find them mia's, check for enemy jungler, and keep an eye on dragon and barron. Those are also spots that should be warded, but I like clarivoyance for the reason that it makes me feel like I don't need to buy as many wards.

As to not getting focused, just be content with staying back for most battles, and always stay back when the battles are initiated. Use your support abilites on yourself if they do start to attack you, and here is another reason why I like kayle, just ult yourself and let them focus you. With cd reduction I'll have the ult back within 40 sec or so so I can use it at the initiation of a battle and might even get a second use by the end.