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Idea for Pings

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Not the latency kind of ping.

The kind of ping that drives people crazy because they are mostly used only to troll their team.

I have two ideas for the pinging that may help them become more useful and less annoying at the same time.

1. Limit them to 3 pings in 5 seconds. If they hit a fourth ping in those 5 seconds, their ping is disabled for 15 seconds. If you've ever played Halo, it's like their Warthog horn. You can spam if for a while, then it goes silent until you have stopped spamming it for a minute or so.

2. Make the ping show up in game space as well as the map. Imagine you have an Ashe bottom lane. You want to tell her where you, as Malz, will ult the enemy. You ping the enemy and tell Ashe to shoot her arrow at the ping. Problem is: she can't tell the right spot in your lane to place it. By allowing a ping to show a column of air (like how you can mark a spot on Portal 2 and Clairvoyance shows an indicator in game space) that is only visible to teammates. That would help people who say, "I need you to coordinate the ability to this exact spot."

Any thoughts?

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I like it. As an addendum: there should be 2 kinds of pings. (or more)

the regular ping to tell people target here... and a second, different sounding ping to warn people.

there have been times where a teammate pings one place, I assume its a call for help... only to run headlong into the enemy team...

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Chispita FTW

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Don't forget the "mia" ping, a diferent ping (like ctrl click or something like that) but instead of normal pinging should be a diferent color or animation to call your allies the lane mia