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The Player-Specific "Action Ping" - Command Your Allies! (and much more)

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A means to avoid the frustration of miscommunication and aid in team play!

We'll start with the start of the game. The typical team will disperse into the lanes, but that doesn't really matter for the suggestion. You know how the ally icons are so tiny? Well, what if your nearby allies' icons grew a little larger and added detail to their health/resource?

The same can also be applied to dying allies. Allies with a low % of health left will become enlarged on the left and the border for their icon will turn red and flash or turn red and have a gloss across it. This would make Shen's job really easy in particular, but also give shield/heal priority to support champions in the heat of battle and with many objects to try and click around in a stuffy team fight.

Tryndamere would be a small issue with this function, but the fix is simple enough when you have no idea how long it takes to program or what else it requires. I suggest that Tryndamere's ally icon be changed to his Undying Rage skill icon for the duration and that the gloss effect be removed - as to ward off being healed or shielded in vain. To help with, "Well, then, when will I know when I should heal him?" things, I also suggest that this Undying Rage pic swap have a rotating, cooldown timer-like, countdown without the actual seconds and only the visual 5 second radar thingy to help dictate to support champions when he should be shielded/healed.

See this video for what I mean by "gloss". (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD9AQSqbcBc) Thank you, TheAndhar676.


Now for this "Action Ping" I was talking about in the title. Every Champion has an ultimate, so I would appreciate as much as any player the ability to know when my allies' ultimates are off of cooldown without dealing with the TAB key scoreboard "Ultimate Ready" lies. Knowing this, the new action pings would be assigned right next to your ally icons and would be of these varieties: Attack, Retreat, Ultimate!, and Defend.

The functions:

  • Attack - Suggesting the chosen ally attack the pinged target enemy champion or area of the map.
  • Retreat - Suggesting the chosen ally move to the target structure or area of the map as to avoid enemy aggression.
  • Ultimate! - Suggesting the chosen ally use their ultimate ability on the target enemy (or ally, I suppose) champion or area of the map (think: Twisted Fate, Pantheon, Ashe, Ezreal). This would be unavailable while the ultimate ability in question is cooling down.
  • Defend - Suggesting the chosen ally defend a structure or area of the map. Possible uses include this common action in the game: "covering" a lane/turret.

Why all these "needless" pings? Currently, when you Alert Ping anything, you get, "X has marked champion/structure X," and, "X is defending structure X." That doesn't help when you're not defending the target building and want an ally to, or when you want someone else (let's say, Master Yi) to attack that (a turret) instead of you since he does a better job.

Needless, sure. Useless, not at all! For the record, there is also no ping for Baron Nashor or Dragon when someone wants help with them, "Let's slay the Dragon!" "Let's slay Baron Nashor!" or a means to indicate to an ally to pick up a buff they could use but don't have time to solo and that you could get to low health and have them last hit, "Veigar, come get the Blessing of the Golem Elder!"

Random thought: it wouldn't be such a bad idea to increment the mana resource bars above champions and make it a little thicker. I know that would save me time with early game glances at my mana in the bottom of the screen. Also, knowing when allies are teleporting back to base would be nice. To prevent abuse of the B key, the message would only be displayed if the ally champion had already teleported back (AKA: doesn't send the message in chat window right away) and from a position outside of the allied base.

Our current Alert Ping needs to be changed to "Distress Call" and another type of map ping which I like to think of as "Condemn" needs to be added. The Attack, Defend, and Retreat pings which are player-specific can also be listed here as to instruct the entire team. There wouldn't be much use for a team "Ultimate!" ping, now would there? Condemning a place on the map can only be done once at a time by an ally and lasts for 10 seconds, during which the implication is that it is supposed that enemies are hiding within or are attacking from a certain area of the map. Uses for Condemn: brush, buff monsters, Baron Nashor, Dragon, and jungle/river areas that access the lanes.

Team command pings (Attack, Defend, Retreat, Distress Call, Condemn) would have an icon the size of a circular champion icon on the minimap for a moment or two. The icons for Attack, Defend, Retreat, Distress Call, and Condemn would be a sword, a shield, a boot, an exclamation point, and a skull respectively.

Now that I think about it, two extra pings, if not just more clutter, would be helpful in the forms of "Push" and "Care MIAs!" for the times when all of the enemies are dead and for the times when you don't know where the enemies could possibly be, as well as other situations.

All of this, incredibly useful to those who are not arranged teams with TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, and maybe mildy useful if at all to those who are.

If nothing else, take from this the fact that the current Alert Ping is not cutting the mustard for the game, what with misinterpreting the meanings and/or forcing people to type what they mean when they ping. All in all, I can imagine a lot more team play with all of these additions.

As always with my posts, comments are appreciated. However, those comments not aimed at critiquing and instead at personal attacks are not appreciated as much but are still welcomed as a form of bumping this thread. Thank you for reading.



We need moar pings bcuz idk wtf they mean and TF shoulda finished dat guy off 4 meh.

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Kinda like my idea but not.

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An effort to enable further ease of communication that cannot be misunderstood, yes.

We go about solving the issue two different ways, is all.