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Relevant Information from All JoJ's

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Ever since the Kalamda instance, political strife has been at an all time high, and feelings are off the charts. Tension builds over time, especially with accusations over the piracy attack on a Demacian ship. This is all occuring way before Swain's rise to power, Vayne's prowling around, etc. etc, which makes me believe a third party is responsible for STARTING the strife.

Move forward a tad bit and Noxus and Ionia start bashing heads, and Ionia joins the League, and the Match prevails. Under the cover of this, I think it's incredibly easy for things to go bad for either city-state, and what do you know? Right as the re-match is about to commence, Du Couteau disappears. Talon, who has been hired by Du Couteau, begins searching for information, and is eventually led to the League. Due to all the pressure mounting on him Darkwill promotes Swain to fill the position as one of Noxus's ruling members.

The following JoJ there comes an interview with Shaco, and he gives an interesting tale about a poor family man etc. While i don't think it was Du Couteau, i think Shaco was getting a point through that he knew his way around Noxian Officials, and those higher up. Possibly a sign he may have been involved in this disappearence.

Jump ahead to the next JoJ. The mine explodes, people are trapped. Now what came to mind was how Katarina and Noxus actually HELPED, even with all the hatred going on. Now the politics are front page once more, and the city-states are in the limelight. During all of this, Malzahar shows up in Zaun with a few-hundred followers making sacrifices, and Kassadin is on the run for interfering.

Well next thing you know, after a month or so, the Mining situation comes to a close, but what's this? A Noxian miner was found in the cave system, with a supply of explosives. They described him as being caught unexpectedly. I get one of two things from this. Either the Miner was controlled, and released after the explosion, or he was doing his job, but with tampered equipment, causing a large-than-expected detonation. Well all this goes to show is that Noxus can't be trusted with mining, and BAM, Demacia gets the contract. Noxus isn't happen, more political strife.

Well with this conflict comes one thing: The need for the officials (Prince Jarvan and King Jarvan) to show up on scene to sign the documents. Shortly after their arrival, things proceed and what not, but Swain shows up with a Demacian soldier who claims to have been responsible for the collapsing of the mines and the death of the soldier on the side of Noxus. A controlled scape-goat to increase political tension further. What better way to cause a scene by blowing up a mine, and framing both sides of sabotage?

Now the next JoJ was really big. I want you to all keep in mind Kayle is searching for information about Ashram, and that she was in the Insitute of War, when suddenly an incredibly powerful magical contagion is released in the building, and manages to get into one of the more sensitive locations of the building. While no real harm seems to be done, Kayle is later shown to have been 'withered' by the disease, and damage done to her armor. Maybe a threat to stop looking into Ashram? Maybe.

At the same time, Brand explodes onto the scene, and someone is stealing horse-shoes? Whoever is behind these random thefts (balloons too!) has a sense of humor.

Now, back to before, where Du Couteau vanished, someone obviously got to him, and yeah. Anyways, we have this 'innocent' prisoner in the hands of Demacia, and Jarvan keeps pushing back the interrogation. The only thing i can figure is someone is getting to him too, and armies are everywhere. Swain is walking the perimeter, either thinking, or looking for someone.

During all of this, Brand has been captured, and is being interviewed. During his interview that one line that stuck to everyone for a while was spoken. "Brand: ?€œYour League of Legends is not what you think it is and your summoners are not heroes. Beware.?€? " Whoever is behind all these problems, is high in the league.

Now then. we have this.
?€œRest assured, we are not taking this matter lightly. These two have a history of disagreement, which is not unusual for League champions, but violence between League champions off the Fields of Justice is unacceptable. I am well-aware that the decision to retain them as champions is controversial and confusing, but we have very good, very confidential reasons for proceeding this way and our decision is final.?€? Heywan did not disclose any further information.

We all know Kassadin and Malzahar went at it again, but look at the wording. They have extremely interesting wording here. The newest High Councilor addressees the public directly on this matter, and says their reasoning for taking action the way they do is confidential, confusing, among other words. Obviously the League is involved in their fighting, and Karthus mumbled about an Inhibitor. Now this managed to sneak it's way into spot-light only because Kog'Maw went ballistic and lead them to the scene, which got all sorts of press attention and what not.

All i can figure is, Kog'Maw screwed up big-time, because everything seems to halt. Kalamda goes silent, politics seem temporary settled, Ionia even has a festival.

Then it hits the fan.

The prisoner, who's interrogation has been delayed many times, dies. As if Demacia didn't look bad enough for delaying it, their only witness is killed. Jarvan says he was doing a backround check on his own soldier, which somehow required multiple delays. Either he just didn't want it to go through, or he couldn't FIND a background on the soldier to begin with. However this prisoner died, it was done in a way where he was accepting of it. They didn't mention a struggle, and it was an obvious poison that one wouldn't take willingly, and yet he's dead.

At the same time, the curse on Kayle becomes more prominent, as she comes to realize the problem. While it is quickly cleaned up, I feel it was some sort of warning on her searching out of Ashram.

AND HERE WE ARE! Darkwill's death. Swain states it's a declaration of war. As much as Swain would LOVE that position, i doubt that the promotion and changing of power would work well, if he's declaring war at the exact same time. That, and the letter about Vayne possibly threatening or warning the Black Rose, Swain's protecting of it and such, Leona's arrival on scene (Pantheon is freaked out), and all these events popping up.

Here we have it, the war has erupted. The interesting thing though, is that it Noxus started it, but Demacia is the one who appears to have drawn first blood. The explanation for this (It is in order, the picture making this sense was before any text ) is that there was a picture at the top of the JoJ. While i will not link it, i'm sure the million threads around can easily point you in that direction. Well, the picture is a scene in Kalamda where Jarvan and Swain appear to be fighting. Around them, soldiers from both sides are fighting each other. This is the really interesting part.

Reflected in Swain's chest-plate, eye level with Jarvan, is LeBlanc's reflection.

In short: LeBlanc is disguised as Jarvan. The Deceiver is making use of her name quite well. Anyways, to the articles themselves.

The first article is simple and sweet. The war started, "Jarvan" is the one who started it, and some people are confused saying that, while a hot-head, such actions aren't normal of the Prince. Unfortunately, the Prince has vanished. (LeBlanc left the city to go find the real Jarvan who, I assume, is under Noxian watch and a prisoner of sorts, but that's later.)

Jarvan III has donned his armor, and Xin Zhao is assumed to be with him. The league promises swift action, but both sides have promised not to use unsanctioned magic. It is a "Steal and Slugs" war.

Now, the Noxian High Command is going ballistic still, trying to figure out who will be the heir to the throne.

Many people believe that it is right to give the position to Keiran Darkwill. While he has a strong following, another investigation was revived and driven by Cassiopeia and Katarina Du Couteau, to discover the reasons for the disappearance of their father, who many people is the best one to heir the throne.

However, with his disappearance, and Keiran's lack of general ranking, many eyes are falling on Swain, a League Champion has given him large popularity, and his war records are impressive.

Swain's opinion, however, is out of the question due to his current situation.

An interesting little tid-bit came up in the third part. Zaun and Noxus are allies, and all trade has recently been shut down as a Noxian Ship enters port, and is not to be "Within spitting distance" of another ship. Obviously they want their space, and this is extremely important to them.

(In my opinion, Jarvan has been shipped from Kalamda to Zaun over the course of the war, and is currently to board the ship which will then depart to Noxus with him inside).

That aside...the League decides to finally act, and with the risk of their summoners, and the sacrifice of a Nexus, a giant time-distorting field forms over the area freezing all the soldiers in place, and extraction is being done over the course of the next few weeks.

The League is now discussing with ambassadors from both city-states regarding the conditions of safe return of their forces, and terms of peace.

No word of Jarvan IV as of yet, probably still being moved, and the boating information is still missing, but everything seems to have reached a stand still.

Jarvan III and General Swain have arrived at the Institute of War to discuss the situation and how they will reach an agreement over the conflict, but Noxus and Demacia are sharing different perspectives on the situation.

A zone in Kalamda, containing the two Nexi and a great portion of the mining area, has been found to be salvageable, and is now to be a new Field of Justice after construction is completed, under the mode of "Dominion", a Capture Zone style field.

Both sides have given their perspectives in the JoJ regarding their feelings about the war.

The Demacian's take their stand by calling Noxus an evil disease to be wiped from Valoran, and that Jarvan did not raise his spear to Swain to start a war, but to purge this evil from their world. They mention the atrocities committed by Noxus over the years to sway citizens to their side.

Noxus makes claim that Demacia has been attacking Noxus both physically, and politically for years, and their desire to spill Noxian blood is unstoppable. After the loss of Boram Darkwill, they point out that Jarvan was also the one who started the war by attacking Swain in public eye, and that they are sick of being portrayed as dark and evil by Demacia, who is at fault for the war. They also mention anger regarding the League's interference when Noxian forces attempted to redeem themselves by issuing a counter-attack, and the war was halted before Noxus could be avenged.

Veigar, after gathering and enchanting a number of horseshoes and balloons, makes a grand appearance in Bandle City, and announces to steal their new ship. Unfortunately he is thwarted by a flock of birds, and makes a hasty retreat.

A tip-off has sent Demacian guards to investigate the prison in which Thom Garvin was kept. The tip mentioned an assassin showing up in order to remove evidence, and Garen states that the prisoner, who had accused Jarvan of giving him the orders to blow up the mines, was assassinated by Noxus to silence him.

Upon showing up, the mysterious intruder drew blades with many of the guards, but in the end was only met as an equal to Garen. While it doesn't state specifically, we can assume this assassin was Talon. The intruder left a coded message for Garen to read, and it is in the process of being decoded.

Credits to imclueless for discovering the numbers corresponding to JoJ dates. Quarter Egress, Quarter to Clutter, and Opal Market are still under discussion, but the decodes I have are what I believe to be the best bet.

LMC1: The Demacian Mine Collapses, prisoners are trapped inside.

Unkindness: A prisoner was promised some sort of reward if he would aid Swain in a plot, or simply be the one to accuse Jarvan of sending out the orders. Instead of a reward, he was killed in his cell.

Lost Will: Boram Darkwill is killed, and throws the Noxian High Command into distress. Without a will or any specific orders of who will take his place, it becomes the responsibility of the Generals to elect their own leader. Current possibilities: Jericho Swain, Keiran Darkwill, Du Couteau (Missing)

Quarter Egress: During down time with Demacia per-occupied with their prisoner situation, the real Jarvan IV is transported to the city of Zaun, and upon arrival transport is shut down to allow Noxian's safe passage of their "Merchandise".

Mirror Play: With Jarvan in Zaun, and war on the edge, LeBlanc takes Jarvan's place and begins a war by attacking Swain in the public square. She disappears shortly after, I can only assume to catch up to Jarvan's transport.

Quarter to Clutter: The transport ship in Zaun sets sail with Jarvan IV aboard, assumingly with LeBlanc to ensure safe transport (I can guess the next JoJ will have her appearing in Zaun). It will go around the coast and land on the shores of Noxus, sending their prisoner into the massive city, preventing any interference with whatever is in store for him.

Opal Market: Referncing a meeting place for Garen to meet with Talon and Katarina. General Du Couteau has been busy during his "Absence" and his daughters have put on a wonderful show feigning worry. They've been watching Swain closely this entire time, and are most likely planning to make a move something before, or in the time of 9/08.

Reports of the Ivory Ward, referenced in Cassiopeia's Judgement by General Du Couteau in regards to the Black Rose, is basically destroyed in a scuffle. A guard arrives on scene but has really no idea what happened.

A close up of the image reveals a dagger that stood out compared to the background. The dagger is out of place, and is speculated at present to belong to Talon or Katarina.

A few people have speculated as well that Opal Market may be the Ivory Ward, and have been a meeting place, but someone caught wind, or a distraction was made there. We don't know how many people were there or what they looked like, only that most of the Ward was destroyed.

Vexus Nirac was also mentioned as potentially being involved in the incident, but has not been able to be found. Wanted posted are placed across Noxus in hopes to catch him.

Credit: Koltira Dee The second word in the headline article of the JoJ in regards to the destruction of the Ivory Ward, make the sentence "The Black Rose Has Been Compromised"

In issue 29, Jarvan IV has suddenly returned to Demacia. The last time we saw our old friend was supposedly in Kalamanda fighting with Swain, before he had vanished completely. Though we all know it was LeBlanc in Kalamanda, if Quarter to Clutter and Quarter to Egress have told us anything, it's that Jarvan has been moved to Noxus. Unless the Ivory Ward incident was a breakout, then this Jarvan IV is still the imposter LeBlanc. Accompanying Jarvan IV are two prisoners, appearing to be one female and one male, who's identities are unknown. Some people believe them to be assassins being brought in by the imposter Jarvan to assassinate the king, while others believe them to be Talon and Katarina.

Jarvan's behavior upon entering the front gates is bizarre, because he tells Garen to stand down, and that is assistance is not needed.

A massive Arcane Explosion in the Shurima Desert brings us our friend Xerath, and the man who broke out of the Priggs prison is revealed to be Graves.

Our two hooded friend have been revealed to us in Journal of Justice 30, Jarvan IV bringing in Talon and Katarina straight to Demacia without word to his citizens, except his lone trustworthy Garen. Jarvan IV has come from his longer slumber in the Castle and has revealed to the citizens of Demacia that he has been working along side Katarina going over evidence that could make the Institute of War responsible for the entirety of the political strife between Noxus and Demacia. His information has been gathered from following clues and information left behind by the still missing General Du Couteau.

(Things to consider: They were assumed responsible for the attack on the Demacian ship, the explosion in Kalamanda, and the killing of the prisoner. What else, including the assassination of Boram Darkwill, could the Institute have been involved in?)

In the next article, there is just a small run through of the events leading up to the Kalamanda incident, and curiosity as to why Noxus would do the things they've been doing, including necromancy on a ship assault. Demacian Pride is growing, however the concept of allying themselves with Noxian forces has some of the citizens furious.

With his return to Noxus, and Noxian High Command, Swain's supporters have grown even stronger, including the backing of General Darius, who feels Swain is a light in the dark that will lead Noxus to it's former glory. This new member to Swain's party has brought the fight for the throne to a standstill between Kerian Darkwill, and Jericho Swain. Both sides ready to slaughter the other to prove they have the most raw power, and will be best in the position of leadership.

Cassiopeia shares details about her families past with Talon, and shares that they did in fact work together, but only on rare occasions, and he still remained somewhat mysterious to them. With her father gone she wonders where his loyalties will end up.

Final Issue

Keiran Darkwill is sick of the political standstill and called it a "Cowards Game". At first Keiran had him against a wall with the upper hand, but Swain vanished and snared Keiran, before calling the match his victory. Darius stepped forward and executed Keiran. After the duel, the entirety of Noxus High Command rallied behind Swain and has granted him the position of Grand General.

Swain is accused briefly of rallying with the conspirators of the Kalamanda incident in order to cause the war, but he gave up Kalamanda without a fight. (This part I don't understand, but whatever.)

Heywan Relivash and Ralston Farnsley are arrested after having proof found in the home of Relivash that gave enough evidence to show both of them were involved in manipulating the political conflict between Noxus and Demacia. They were tracked by Talon attempting to seek refuge in Noxus, and are now in prison. Despite the two responsible being put behind bars, Demacian and Noxian citizens are still angry and feel they can no longer trust the Institute of War. High Summoner Kolminye responded with this: “Citizens of Valoran, the League of Legends promised your protection, and in that we have failed. Yet in the wake of these events, we must remain strong. We must not allow the selfish actions of one man to tear apart what we have built. We cannot succumb to war when we have committed ourselves to lasting peace. Stand with us and we shall rebuild.”

Then a few farewells from the writers at the Journal of Justice.

~End of Swain Arc~

I refuse to make a TL;DR section for all of this though, it's basically all the relevant information of all the JoJ's so far, so read it or get over it..

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Nice post!~

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Well after seeing scattered bits and pieces about all the random stuff everywhere, and me trying to get my (THE VOID IS RESPONSIBLE!) theory into the realm of possibilities, i figured it'd be best to just find everything, condense it, and post it.

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It seems cut and dry that the void is setting this up big time(they can do ANYTHING and have motives for it...although I admit I'm forcing it abit). They have all the right reasons, instability, infighting, war, human sacrfices, general debauchery ect..

The fact that Brand is commenting on the situation is a bit interesting buuuuut I'd like to point out his whole purpose is to DESTROY the whole world! If he thinks destroying the league will help him, he'll do it. But then nocturne tries to kill sumonners everywhere(an engineer though is left relatively unharmed).

So here's my take...the void is somehow connected to the summoners themselves.

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Yup, and Kog'Maw blew it by leading summoners to Malzahar and Kassadin's fight. Whatever was going on must've been extremely important if Karthus was involved (and killed) by one of the two, but they were stopped from the fight by the League, who more-less just let them go without any punishment (though they promised one?)

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To be fair Malazhar sacrificed Kassidan's daughter, I doubt Kass could be reprimanded much for that. However...malz should have been punished. The league instead just says "it's complicated, we're punishing them...but we won't say how or why imparticular".

Karthus seems odd to me in that we don't know if he has any particular goals in mind. Was he just strolling along and found the two fighting? Was he killed because he was interrupting? Does Zilean have anything to do with the void? He should be able to look back in time to see it's creation...and actually, did the void start the rune war? And if so...are we about to see another?

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This information is all good except for the contrary of what you think about General Du Couteau's disappearance not having anything to do with the black rose or swain. In Cassiopeia Judgement there was a part when she was speaking to her father and the following took place :

General Du Couteau took her hand and pressed a sealed letter into her palm, crumpling it slightly. “Should I not return, Cassiopeia, this will guide you and Katarina.”

Hearing her father turn to leave, Cassiopeia panicked. She spun about, but found herself alone. She examined the letter in her hand. It was marked in a wax signet that she did not recognize, but the seal was already broken. She unfolded the page.

In blood red ink, someone had penned: “Transcendence Way, the Ivory Ward, 5:00 PM.” Below it was a stamped image of a black rose.

I underlined the more important parts and then after that there is a part about a watch and some guard and the general disappearing at the Ivory Ward.

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I should probably re-phrase it. What i meant to say was they weren't responsible. Some people think Swain killed Darkwill in order to take his position, so the same could be thought of in General DuCouteau's disappearance. Or something along those lines.

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swain seems to be involved or in the background of every major development within this conflict .to say that he's not behind this somehow is just silly imo. he's clearly a master tactician/strategist and clearly wants darkwill's position. he also wants to kill jarvan. the soldier he found and jarvan couldnt find a background on is probably a black rose concoction. swain had no background at all when he showed up unexpected in the noxian hospital. its not much of a stretch to think that the black rose, together with swain, couldnt come up with 1 more person with the same circumstances and blame him. an underling within the underground cult would be more than happy to play such an important part in the plot to take the noxian throne. and leblanc is known as the deciever for a reason. making him look like a soldier isnt all that hard.

as for the void, i dont see their connection to this. the void is after the end of the world. its unlike them to take a side and end it through someone else. my guess is the thing with malz, kass, karth and the rest of the void has nothing to do with swain/noxus/demacia. chogath is basically the swain-equivalent for the void. he's a general and just as intelligent. he's waiting for malz/the void to get his army to runeterra so he can take over. once the voids army comes, its all over. whatever magic stopped them last time is long gone. theres nothing stopping them this time and whatever dares try, has to face malz.

whats slowing them down is kass/karth and while those 2 are alive, malz seems to have trouble opening a portal for the void to come through.

as for kogmaw, the void wants him there, and wants him to do whatever it is he's doing. he was summoned there and led to malz. i doubt he's screwing anything up.

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The Lord of Hats

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I feel like you're trying a bit hard to pull as many JoJ articles into this as you possibly can, and by extension trying to "force" the Void's involvement. The general theme of this plotline as a whole seems to be a web of intrigue. What I think is really important to remember here is that whatever the ultimate result of all of this is, Riot had it in planning at the very least since the planning for Leblanc (her Judgement is really the first step in all of this), and more likely since the planning for Swain, and only now is the whole thing coming to fruition. With that in mind, while the whole Kassadin/Malzahar thing is certainly a plot thread, I'm guessing what we have so far in regards to that is just the beginning of the next plot thread.

Also, General DuCouteau's disappearance is pretty strongly implied to be voluntary--it's shown in Leblanc's judgement that he was at the very least in contact with Swain and Leblanc, and the fact that he voluntarily followed Black Rose instructions suggests that he's merely in hiding.