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AP Shaco is viable.

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Mr Sex Your Girl

Senior Member


I have never played AP shaco but decided to give it a try. His skillset/ratios/scaling is geared more toward AP than anything.

these are my first 6 games as AP Shaco

feel free to look me up to see my builds for these games etc.

Rushing deathfire grasp, Shaco's burst is strong. Shiv, Grasp, Ignite will drop squishes to low hp/death.

Box Traps are powerful and cause enemies to buy wards etc. The trick here is not to ward just bushes but intersections where you know you can catch someone not thinking with 5 of your boxes.

Shaco's ult is good at juking ultimates and for pushing lanes/towers/ or that extra dmg 1v1, when it explodes it has potential to do devasting damage.

Deceive is used to secure the kill or to get away, your burst will do most of the work, deceive to finish the kill off, this works great with lichbane.

I strongly feel AP shaco is viable with the right team and can be the assasin he is meant to be. The skillcap is rather high compared to other champs but its very rewarding and fun.