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Game Alert: Suggestion

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Ok.. with the release of Yorick [A very under powered champion] people play ranked and some end up dodging because Yorick actually helps the other team out more then he helps his own team at times and is just not fun to play with him on the same team. So people end up dodging and they lose rank but they spare they're team from losing and most of the time the team mates feel they don't even deserve to get punished for saving the team from a loss and that they only deserve say, 10 minute timer before being allowed to play another game. Sometimes someone on the team will say they will be picking AD and choose an AP Caster or they say they will jungle when the team already has a jungle.

So my point is sometimes people dodge games not because they hate the team combo but because someone picked a new champ that has JUST got released and hasn't been patched or because someone on the team is trolling and these guys may deserve the 10 minute penalty but not the loss in rank.

So my suggestion is simple, when someone dodges we already get a Game Alert notification. If that person was on your team, it displays the persons name. My suggestion is for the team to have an option [They can choose the option whenever they decide to open it]. The person automaticly gets the 10-20 minute timer before starting the next game, regardless of what the team decides. However, the team can vote to pardon or to punish. If 2/4 vote to pardon then the person doesn't lose rank aswell.

2/4 because 1 will be the guy trolling and we figure the next might be someone who doesn't vote to pardon or punish and just ignores it altogether or it can be someone duo queing with the trolling guy.