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Really need some help here!

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Candy Bombs

Junior Member


okay, so. I, IGN Candy Bombs and my friend IGN EvilJoe11 just finished a game, we were brought back to the main screen but it continued to say game is still in progress, after several minutes it finally changed to waiting for stats but then froze there for quite a while, so we decided to click skip stats.
so, once we get back to the lobby we try to start up another game. i press start game and it says that both I ad EvilJoe11 are currently in a game. so we decided to try reloging.
once we reloged it says game is still in progress, and asking us to reconnect so we click reconnect. and it just sits for a while with the league of legends logo and then says, "unable to connect to the server. if you have a firewall it may be blocking the connection. please refer to your firewalls documentation. would you like to retry the connection? and if you click retry this message keeps coming up.

also, when we are at the screen that saus game is still in progress, reconnect. if we look at our friends list to see our status, for both of us it says
playing as:
for whichever amount of time, but if we try reloging that time resets.

if anyone knows whats going on here, or if an admin or someone from tech support could fix this problem for us that would be great. thanks