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Journal of Justice: Boram Darkwill assassinated, Swain calls it a declaration of war!

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Captain HellZone

Junior Member


This is fking reeetarded lol.

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Arrow in my knee



at first i was liek WTF is this ****.

then i remembered some weirdos actually dig on the history of stupid ****.


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Junior Member


I think there might be another Part of the code that no one has seemed to notice however I could be wrong.

"I would suggest against snake skin though it rubs irritatingly close"

The message could have easily ended with "ofcourse, accEpting it only as a gift from a friendly admirer" but She chose to continue. The sentence in question has no capital code letter so I believe has some other significance.

As we know The Champion Katarina Du Couteau Is currently in Kalamanda helping Swain with the situation. If Swain and Le Blanc truly plan to take over Noxus and they are trying to get Champions loyal to Darkwill out of Noxus I think that sentence maybe be referring to Cassiopeia Du Couteau who may prove to be a thorn in their side.

I may be over analyzing but just thought id put that out there.