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Kennen: I must be doing It wrong

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So I went out and bought Kennen after finding I didn't want to save up in case Garen was just as expensive. So I've been playing him and I've found I like AD better then AP or AP tank (still need to try full tank, cause I think he might do well buuuut that's gotta wait) I see everyone arguing AP vs AD Kennen and the arguements for AP are valid but I can seem to get results like others are. So I must be doing it wrong. I go for Q>E>W>W>W>R>W>E>W>E>R>E>Max R and Q as skilling order. the thing is, as pure AP i find myself unable to get the kills to sustain my damage as the game goes on. I can't rush into a teamfight with E because I'm squishy as hell and without that I fid it hard to pull off a full team stun. Even 1v1 without my ult I find it hard to get the full stun unless I qued up a W passive hit. even then my damage is pretty sad compared to other mages who can stun. if I go AP tank I feel alot better about my team ultility as I can actually get the full team stun and not die. But once again my damage is sad and all im good for is my stun and laughable damage.

As AD I have the att speed to consistiently set off my W passive and plus my autoattacks hurt, so i can comtribute more to a teamfight. Once I get frozen mallet I have the health to go in after the real tank for the team stun and then can autoattack a target. I feel great doing it too.

But, as my AP Kennen is so far behind, I think I am doing things wrong. Is it the battle plan? does AP Kennen go into battle differently then tanky AP or AD? is his role different? please and thank you!

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i dont feel pure AP or pure AD are good on him, he does decent damage on his base damage till late game so you juast need to take the advantage early game and use that time to slow their progress down with lots of harrassment and creep denial, which kennen does amazing well in laning.

as for his builds ive been having much more success building tankish with a little bit of attack speed and any AP that happens to come into it, i usualy rush a guardian so that i die alot less early/mid game so i dont feed them since he escapes well. after that i usually get rylia's for the slow proc and more survivial, if they have any decent CD i then get banshee veil. this lets me stay alive through some severe beatings mid game. as late game comes around then you can decide how things are going and how to augment your damage to keep up by either gramming some AD or more AP items. but usualy the game is well over by the time i get my veil.

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I find Kennen most useful in 3v3's, but he's solid in 5's as well.

Here's a quick writeup of how I play (AP Build):

Masteries: 9/21/0
Runes: Magic Pen/Dodge/CDR & HP Quints

I usually grab Doran's Shield first, especially if the other team is extremely physical heavy.

I grab my skillshot first, just for early team fights and harass. I get my W at level 2, which is where the real fun starts. During laning, try to get a mark on at least one (2 is better) of your opponents with Q and E passive. Then just pop W for solid harass. The important thing to remember on Kennen is to almost always be casting, since you don't have mana to worry about.

At level 3, get your E. Then from here your priority is maxing W first, then Q, and basically just save E for last. Obviously take your ult when you can.

After Doran's Shield I go Boots 1 + Haunting Guise. At this point I've got wicked survivability (assuming I'm playing smart). I go sorc boots next.

Once I have my ult I generally get a little more offensive against the enemy. I often like to save my ult for later in the fight, since the burst can take enemies by surprise. Keep stuns rolling whenever you can, and make sure you have teammate support when possible. Kennen's damage is mostly AOE, so having teammates to focus fire is important.

From here, you have a few options for items. If you need survivability, you can go Rylai's Scepter. If you're doing really well, you can grab a Soulstealer. If your enemies are stacking up on MR to counter you, get a Void Staff. If the enemy team is magic-heavy then an Abyssal Scepter is a solid pick. I generally don't take Zhonia's because I find my natural survivability is efficient, and I'd rather grab AP items with other utility. Mobility is important on Kennen.

A few additional pointers:

  • Landing your Q often is a must. If you're bad with skillshots, you'll probably be bad with Kennen.
  • Try to get marks on multiple targets before using W, but also don't sit on it. The cooldown is short.
  • Get used to stun combinations. E->Q->W is great for single target. E->W->R is great against teams. Keeping your stuns rolling is one of the most important aspects of this champion.
  • Try to land autoattacks when possible, even when it's on creep. If possible, pay attention to the stacks on your E's passive, and make sure you're using it to get extra marks on champions. This isn't always easy in the heat of battle.
  • Farm and push hard with Kennen. E into a wave of creeps, then autoattack to get a few low, then pop W to get your gold. It's very common for me to get every last hit on an entire creep wave in only a few seconds.
  • Kennen can jungle fairly well once mid-game rolls around. Small creeps like Wraiths and Wolves are cake.
  • Be constantly aware of your energy. Not having enough energy for your E to escape can be detrimental.
  • Kennen is great at Zone Controlling during the laning phase. Keep the enemy at range with Q, and continue using W for harass while they're outside experience range.

If you have any questions let me know.