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Rune Page Setup

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King Stannis



Hello fellas from Riot Games.

Let me start by saying i'm a logical rager: every single time that i get mad, its for a reason in this game.

I spec for AP carrys, Mana regen supports, some junglers, and a few supertanks (whoever can take both hp magic resist and armor and benefit)

BUT, i feel that 9-10 runepages for the average person will not always produce tanks (and runed tanks) from the public queue - and they do not know what they are doing entirely.

therefore, i propose that there be another rune page onto our list, or even two. Originally when you introduced this system of purchasing it with riot points gave me the impression that you can, at endgame, have up to like 15-20 rune pages, and even if this were so, this can mean that you can play any character.

no more "trolling" for people that are stuck with characters in ranked from one another person in the queue not swapping a character with you.

no more trolling.

all people will be able to be dps, tanks, carrys, or whatever they WANT to be, as i feel the game shouldnt have to somehow indirectly force me to chose what character is voted upon my newfound peers, (via peer pressure i would be obligated to be ______, eg, if i desire/choose teemo, evelynn, or like yorick as my primary character and lock in first, my team somehow manages to be an all ap-carry team by people of decent and later normal win elo - or something besides blitzcrank or taric. sometimes people will get awfully mad, in a blind queue setting rather than ranked/draft/swap, and normally dodge queue.) I would love to have 2+ seconds onto the "drum" noise, as sometimes your server lags and before the 5 second mark, your game manages to start immediately, closing my masterys at the last second (which is also limited, as masteries can be played almost 2+ ways for EACH character, of course somehow being similar yet different.)

If people don't need to swap for previous set up masteries/runes (especially with other characters that chose their "primary" character higher up in the chosing order for Draft Mode), people will have no more hassle with not having correct rune pages/masteries in order to counter the other team.

Ranked is supposed to take the "luck" factor out and push the intention of skill, but you forget that for higher elo people are more than willing to counter you with their "lucky" setups, so people like to chose counteracting players that they would have set up. But many people can tell you that they main many, many characters that they play and would have probably chosen if they had a different page set up.

anybody will probably still have $$ or even IP raised to give to you in exchange for this feature. If you had two purchaseable bundle packs, i'm sure anybody would be willing to pay you riot points at this stage of the game as well.

Maybe make more than 9 runepages 30,000IP each? 0 RP If anybody is incredibly against it, but like i said, i'm sure a lot of people would love to dedicate 100+ wins to 1 rune page