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latency notifications

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there should be something that warns everyone on the team that a player has a high latency, as these players constantly complain ingame and never do well. Their most frequent excuse was "but how was i supposed to know that i was going to lag this much?"

so that is the problem, and obviously, we need a viable solution to this problem.

1: display latency in pvp.net, so that players with high ping can be aware that their ping is probably too high to start playing
2: before someone joins a solo queue, or even a premade queue, have the pvp.net run a pingtest on the player, and then give a warning based on how severe their latency may affect gameplay (below 100 --> good to go, no warning; 100-200 --> may have some negative impact, still playable though; 200-300--> severe negative impact is probable; 300+ extreme caution, you should wait until your latency is more playable, please refrain to playing)
3: have windows continuously pop up in pvp.net in a very annoying way if ping is greater than 250, notifying players of their latency

I feel that one of the above methods should be implemented to notify players of their internet reliability, and so that players do not enter a game without knowing that they are at risk of disconnecting or lagging.

after these steps, there are still those who wish to play, for these players, i suggest:

1: lower a player's matchmaking elo based on their ping, so their actual elo in whatever pool (ranked vs normal) is dropped by an amount based on ping, for example a player with 100 ping may have their elo dropped by 50, a player with 400 may have it dropped by 350, etc. to compensate for the obvious drop in skill that a high latency will ensure. (slow reaction time usually correlates with lower skill in most situations) and therefore higher ping will not interfere with higher level gameplay.

2: make playing while having a high ping a reportable offense, so if a player's ping is 400 in the loading screen, and players on either team believe that that player is the biggest reason for making their team lose, then that player can be reported. Since, the player should have been notified of his or her ping beforehand, they will have entered the game at their own discretion.

3: do not allow players above a certain latency deemed "too high for effective gameplay" to enter queue unless with a full premade that consents it

4: allow players with excessive pings to dodge queue with no penalty in the event of a spike, and may only leave the queue during that spike (if the spike ends, then the player is no longer allowed to leave champion select) this does not apply to ingame, and addresses sudden spikes that begin suddenly in champion select before the player knew of it.

5: match teams so that there are an equal number of players with higher ping on either team, so that neither team will feel like they are at a disadvantage.

something should be done about players with high latency to balance out their effects, as latency does have a negative impact on a player for sure. (will have to read the post to see my ideas, as if i listed them out this would not be a tl;dr)

bump to keep it the thread alive, show your support if you agree.