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Skin Advantage

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Me and a friend were having a dispute as to whether skin advantage is really important or not. He thought that it gave a team a psychological advantage going into the match. I thought it was negligible. I am curious as to how others feel about this.

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Skins make a huge difference. For some reason they make you play better, even the same character. No idea why, don't understand it - but I've seen it many, many times.

Annie goes 2/12/8
Annie goes 5/24/4
*Annie puts on Goth Annie skin*
Annie goes 12/4/16
Annie goes 9/3/9
*Annie takes off Goth Annie skin*
Annie goes 4/6/2

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Cats Schrödinger

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Well, I used to main Brolaf. Sometimes the other team would waste all their time trying to take down the "Prolaf" instead of focusing on the other members of my team. However, that was back around level 15.

I think it'll psych out lower level players, but once you hit 20, maybe?, a player comes to learn that lots of people buy skins because they look cool or are on sale and not because they're epic at a champion.

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I only have a couple free skins and they're on champions I rarely play so I can't say if I play better using them but I don't think I do.

On one side of the argument, some players might view skins as usually being owned by players who spend enough time on the game to put real money into it. Some skins can make a commonly used champion look entirely different and possibly slightly distracting the first time another player sees it used.

I've also seen a couple players ganked before minion spawn because they decided to stop somewhere not-so-safe and compliment the enemy on their skin. A rare and dumb mistake but they died because of a skin.

Do skins have some kind of psychological advantage over the average player? Probably not, but there's bound to be those out there who are easily impressed/distracted. Some skins might even make certain players, like children, feel more or less threatened and more or less likely to attack/chase you than if you had another skin on.

Is bunny teemo is chased more often than camo teemo? Is gentleman cho less intimidating than nightmare cho? The world may never know.