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CAD Auther hits 10k Referals, Doesnt get to design champion

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Yea, he wants to make a spider shark? Screw that, I can see why Riot doesn't allow TOTAL free reign on people designing champions. Pretty sure they'd take some feedback and help guide him along to making a champion.

It's like me getting 10k referrals and I go in and design a champion to look like Hitler. Not gonna fly bro.

This is why I am glad riot isn't giving 10k peeps total control of what gets into the game

a new champion is a big deal and it needs to be something the millions of other players of this game will enjoy. CAD guy will definitely have input but riot will keep us from having to be at the mercy of his site users and i appreciate that greatly

hopefully he isn't being too pissy about this cause i would give an arm to collaborate on a champion with riot as i'm sure almost everyone here would

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