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[Champion Concept] Nazarak, The Fungus Lord (UNIQUE MECHANIC EVERYONE WILL LOVE)

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Have some ideas about making a sort of ranged hybrid AP/AS version of this guy, utilizing terrain based combat but more as damage. He's also a heavy combo user, chaining his e to his q or w depending on needs.

Basic Idea

Passive: AA creates a spore cloud, dealing small true damage to all inside (per second). Used for harrassing and zoning

Q: Skill shot, creates spore cloud whenever it hits opponent. More harrass, sets up offensive combos.

W: Creates 3-5 clouds in a ring around him. Used to discourage melee fighting and set up defensive combos

E: Damages and stuns enemies inside spore clouds (global). CC

R: Consumes all current clouds to create uncontrollable minions, one per cloud. Additional teamfight damage and a "wall" because he's ranged. Minions would be low durability high damage.

Felt like it would be more appropriate here (than separate post) because I'm basically stealing your idea and making it ranged. Your idea is great, if a little confusing at times w/ 2nd effect parts. A great concept for a design, couldn't resist making my own.

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saw you on Vaylore's thread. You really should use this concept, cause it is quite solid and would help junior creators

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Sloth the Sin

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Added this thread back to my home pages tabs. i'm probably gonna be trolling around the forum again.

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Dude... Just reading that makes me want to play him... I hate you for being so brilliant. I hate riot for not having this masterpiece created and released! Good job man! Don't give up on him!

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Saw this again after so long and absolutely had to see where you took it, and I must say that it is freaking brilliant. I didn't look at the numbers too much, but the concept of the character is simple and sweet: "Don't touch my turf!" I would love to this guy in action.

One of my Champion ideas if you care to review: =D