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Jarvan - E or Q

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Am I the only one who levels them all evenly? I mean, sure I only get 1 or 2 levels in the shield, then level it last, but I at least get 3 levels in flag for the attack speed and armor, then level spear to the same, then whatever I feel I need more as the game goes along.

I can see why people would level up the spear first, seeing as you need to hit them with it for your combo, whereas the flag isn't as vital (Although, in my case, I'm usually much faster than my opponent, and can hit them with both, so it doesn't affect me as much). But I myself still have a preference for the flag. Why? For pushing down that tower with your ranged AD carry that is laning with you. They're usually going for a BF Sword first, so the bonus attack speed is vital for them.