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What do you think? Please post

Yea, yordles! 57 82.61%
Yordles, no 6 8.7%
Yordles? 6 8.7%
Voters 69 .

Yordle Swordsman

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3 out of 9 yordle champions are melee: one is undead and another is using a giant mecha. Now they’re pretty cool, but why should yordles need special reasons to get up close and personal to fight? Does their size affect their ability to fight?

No, size doesn’t mean everything, so here’s a yordle swordsman.

Clierant, the Yordle Swordsman
Clierant is a melee dps champion. His abilities are based on the use of his rocket sword, a Mundo-esque broadsword with a rocket attached. (Concept below)

health: 425, +80 per level
health regen: 7, +.7 Per level
mana: 200, +30 per level
mana regen: 4, +0.25 per level
attack damage: 56.3, +3.2 per level
attack speed: 0.65, +3% per level
range: 125
movement speed: 320
armor: 18, +3.5 per level
magic resist: 30, +1.25 per level

Passive: Born There:
Clierant gains 5 Hp5 for every nearby friendly champion.

Q: Rocket Riposte:
Clierant gains a shield equal in strength to his total attack damage that lasts 3 seconds. Clierant’s first attack on an enemy who has damaged his shield also sets his target on fire, dealing magic damage over time.
Cost: 60 mana; cooldown: 15 seconds; magic damage: 70/110/150/190/230, +0.4 per AP

W: Raised Here:
Clierant jumps into the air and rides his sword (like Irelia’s joke, but useful) for 3 seconds. He gains movement speed and ignores unit collision. (Idea: If he attacks while flying, he swings his sword while falling, causing this attack to also deal bonus physical damage and ending his flight.)
Cost: 75 mana; cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16 seconds; bonus movement speed: 15/19/23/27/31% bonus damage: 30/45/60/75/90

E: Master Duelist:
Clierant and a target nearby enemy taunt each other for 2 seconds. If he takes less damage than his target during their duel, at the end of the 2 seconds he ignites his rocket sword, dealing bonus magic damage to his target.
Cost: 50 mana; cooldown: 15 seconds; range: 200; bonus damage: 70/110/150/190/230, +0.4 per AP

R: Taking You with Me:
Clierant points his rocket behind him and dashes towards target champion. He grabs the first enemy champion he collides with and flies into the air, landing at target location and dealing damage to his target.
Cost: 100 mana; cooldown: 75 seconds; range: 500; radius: 500; physical damage: 200/350/500


The peace afforded Valoran by the League has allowed its member city-states freedom to travel and behave as their forefathers would have thought impossible. Such is the tale of Clierant. His parents, as many yordles are, were fascinated with the Mothership, the massive rocket at the heart of yordle society. Unlike many yordles, however, their obsession was strong enough that they decided to follow Heimerdinger to the City of Progress in order to research the science behind it. So, going with them, Clierant left the city of his birth.

As he grew up, Clierant found very few yordles his age in Piltover, and they usually returned to Bandle City before long. His parents were always busy at the Academy of Science and Progress. Struggling to overcome the differences between himself and his neighbors, he found friends in Ioniatown and Little Demacia. Naturally their interests deviated from the academic and techmaturgical landscape around them. When he finally showed his parents the swordsmanship he had spent years honing with his friends, their frank shock and disappointment crushed him. As he turned to climb up to his room, barely caring to haul his sword with him, his eye landed on the shiny cone of the rocket his parents had brought back from the Academy. An idea crossed his mind, a legendary idea…

“That’s…what?! What is that thing - Aaarrrgh”

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Hey, thanks for posting on the Delilah concept. I just read your concept for Clierant, and I thought of a few things.

First, you've got a great way to get around the map with "Raised Here." You probably don't need the dashing part of his ultimate. You may even want to increase the move speed bonus of "Raised Here" so that he's got a way of getting into range to use his other abilities.

Also, this is just a thought, but what if "Raised Here" ignored all unit collision other than champions? Additionally, maybe minions he flies by take some damage? This way it could be an ability that lets him do a little farming in addition to being an initiation/escape ability. You could also play with the idea of stunning the champion he collides with for .5/.75/1/1.25/1.5 seconds, which would really make it easy to land his [E] or [R] skills, which might be a little bit overboard.

One question I'm having about "Master Duelist" is what situation is it useful in? Other than chasing someone down or initiating a gank (which is essentially chasing someone down) is this skill useful? In a team fight, you're both likely to die if each of you does nothing for 2 seconds. In a 1 v 1, there's little reason to use this either. Unless his taunt actually does some damage. If the taunt actually did do a tiny bit of damage you could put up your shield, rocket in, use "Master Duelist" and, assuming the target got a shot off on your shield as you rocketed in, taunt him for damage and upon exiting the taunt deal the bonus damage from "Master Duelist" and "Rocket Riposte."

Hopefully you liked my feedback, I certainly appreciated yours!

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I really like the concept of this character, especially the innate passive "Born There". However it might work a lil better if he starts with a base hp regen and also has the bonus.

For the shield, it was slightly confusing but I think i understand it... i was thrown off because you mentioned it would be like mundo's cleaver.

and I agree with hakleon's comment about the "Raised There" move. Having it deal damage to minions he flies by and stunning a champion he collides with makes much more sense and more practical.

I also agree with hakelon about master duelist.

as for the mechanics of his ult, it seems like it'd be a double target system which might not work too well... maybe have it so he does a dash and if he collides with an enemy champion, he jumps into the air and carries them in the direction he dashed. that way he can do damage on impact and if he lands on enemies he does damage there to... maybe a possible stun? that'd be a super skill shot that could really turn the tides and be really fun when chasing heroes.

overall though, i really like the concept of this character

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Interesting champion still needs a little bit of buff seems weak to me but with potential!

anyway feel free to check out my champion and don't be afraid to give me any tips i'm all for it at: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=10706523#post10706523

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I thought they already made a melee yordle? Aka Poppy.

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great concept, but his Master duelist skill must say "not affected by tenacity effects" or it would be bad for both the yordle and his enemy.

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Bog Gobin



I like your Yordle so I added him to this page


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Riot go , work !