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Tryharding doesn't pay off.

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At least in Ranked.

A quick sample of my last... 9 games.

1. Tryharding Orianna top vs Singed. Easy win, ended with 2/2/5, but about 150 cs in 20 minutes versus Singed 100 cs.
2. SUPER TRYHARDING AS HELL - 6/8/13 bot lane Lee Sin, didn't get solo despite being second pick. My laning partner was Rammus with Fortify. No ganks, top and mid failed badly, I was the only one with damage...
3. Orianna not tryharding after last game. 7/10/33 after EXTREMELY long game. Won.
4. Olaf - tryharding. Bottom Alistar goes 1/4, ragequits, Lee Sin bot also goes 1/4. Surrender at 20.
5. Pantheon, trying to troll. After dying 5 times mid to Anivia, I won the game 12/9/10, each death after my 5th one was a double kill.
6. Morgana, not tryharding, bottom. 0/5/14, helped get my carry gets kills, two team fights later enemy surrender. Somehow won.
7. Tryharding as hell with Morgana again, against Irelia. Despite going equal CS, our Fiddlesticks never ganks, and tank can't protect anyone. Corki being our only physical damage dealer can't target anyone except for Amumu and Jarvan. Warwick first pick goes 1/6. Defeat.
8. Tryharding as Garen - despite going 7/0 at start against Mundo (two other people give a kill each, Ashe and Orianna), I finish 7/5/9. Akali that was 8/3 early game was 9/12 late game. Why? Mundo. Everyone focused Mundo. Annie kept ulting Mundo, Akali kept using ultimate charges on Mundo. So sad... Also loss. Oh, and Fortify Rammus with 0 MR late game.
9. Not tryharding with Ryze, I know I suck at him. I go 5/1/5 against Vayne, my only death being Warwick + Vayne diving me, after which me and Nocturne got both kills. Easy win.

As you can see, I win a LOT more games when I don't tryhard than when I do. In fact, I so rarely lose games when I go derpy mode, I'm surprised why do I even tryhard..

Oh, and also? People who random in champ select should be banned. Why is there no "Blatant trolling" option under report?

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Lehran Fye

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Trolls are frustating i feel your pain but D/K ratio =/= skill.