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Random Crashes

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Dragon Kick



I've been randomly crashing right when I get into a game. The typical scenario is:
- Log on.
- Start a 5v5 queue.
- Get into Champion Selection screen.
- Pick Nocturne (or anyone).
- Load into the game.
- Buy first item.
- Upgrade first skill.
- Walk pass the Nexus. If I'm lucky, I would play for a minimum of 3 minutes.
- Game crash.
- Reconnect and repeat the last previous 2 steps.
And every time that I've crashed, an error report would pop up.

This has been a major problem because once I start crashing, it would last the whole day or for longer period of times. Not to mention that 9 other people are have to deal with my problems - teammates especially.

P.S. - I have no idea how I can get the r3dlog, netlog, etc. to provide more information. So I would post it up if someone explain to me how to do so.