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constant connection issues with client

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Junior Member


I experience constant connection problems in the client, the game is 100% fine.

Connection Failure: Unable to connect to pvp.net.

  • I often don't get group queues
  • The client freezes during character selection sometimes not allowing me to pick a champion or select runes/masteries
  • The game fails to launch and I have to force-quit the game and reconnect
  • session closed
  • the client doesn't update IP earning/spending so I have to restart in order for it to show.
  • If i host a lobby, the queue will pop for teammates but not me

I have opened and forwarded the ports needed on my router and in Symantec.

I have completely uninstalled the game, installer, and air. Re-downloaded and reinstalled. The game worked flawlessly for 2 days then all of the problems came back.

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Junior Member


you arent the only one with this problem. i used to play LoL for about 150 games and had no issues, then a few patches ago (cant remember which one) this problem started. I also have the problem during champion select screen and cant start a game like it used to, so now i choose my champion, wait for the "Game is about to start" then close LoL and reconnect to the game. The actual game runs fine, its just the launcher and pvp.net chat and store and basically anything else apart from the actual game itself.