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[Guide]Blitzcrank, The Steam Golem

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Just curious....Sheen > Trinity ... and than later in the game pick up Lich Bane?

Would Trinity and Lich stack on their procs??

I've always wondered about this too? Is there a place where all the stacking info can be found? Or is it as I assumed (All items stack aside from auras, same items with "Unique" attributes and those that say otherwise)? Please let me know :P

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i don't think they proc together, I experimented with a sheen + trinity several patches ago and sadly they did not proc, not sure about lich bane and trinity but i would assume it is the same.

anyway, i dont know why you would want both. lich bane is if you have an AP blitz, trinity is if you have a AD one. too expensive to go for both unless you have a really really long game and have enough gold to buy whatever you want (has happened to me before just never on blitz).

I usually just leave sheen as it is till I have gotten at least 3 other items then i work on building it into trinity.

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Bringing this back because i can't find newer Blitz builds...

Still relevant? Or do all the new items and buffs call for newer builds