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[Guide]Blitzcrank, The Steam Golem

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Good guide, thanks.

I pretty much only use overdrive to escape and to kill inhibitors etc.

This may change, but i rune for tanking (other than crit chance) and mastery in defense. I hardly ever solo. I look for the opening for a rocket grab and kill them with a buddy. Endgame, in some big 5 on 5, i either grab a weak person trying to run, or pull out their strongest member and kite them. I really prefer to be a TANK, rather than get lots of kills.

I love playing blitzcrank.

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You guys are just scratching the surface of Blitz. He has so much synergy with all his skills he can be anything but AP built. Any item that adds damage, attack speed, move speed and/or crit is welcome for this champion. He is one of the best initiators and chasers, but neither the best DPS nor tank.
You may not get all the kills on the team, but you will be a leading cause of winning team battles.
While solo queue'ed, I prefer damage items because it takes quite a bit of nuke to kill him so he usually doesn't get targeted first and I want the gold from the kills because I can't always trust my random teammates to carry the team. However, I usually play with a 5 man queue so I can rely on my teammates to play their parts as carry, tank, and AP damage so I can focus on setting up our team for ganks and causing havoc in group fights.

My Typical Item Build (works against most teams)
Philosopher's Stone
Boots of Speed (3)
Phantom Dancer
Infinity Edge/Banshee's Veil
Infinity Edge/Banshee's Veil (which ever you did not get previously. Never get 2 Edge or 2 Veil)
Game Over...chose any item

Use the 9 to get nimbleness and the 21 to get mana, xp, ghost, flash, movespeed, cooldowns and summoner cooldowns.

Summoner Spells
Ghost, Flash

Skills build
Rocket Grab
Power Fist
Power Fist
Power Fist
Static Field
Power Fist
Power Fist
Static Field
Rocket Grab
Rocket Grab
Static Field
Rocket Grab
Rocket Grab

Red = Critical strike (~8.5% base [I don't remember the exact # but it is about 8.5%])
Yellow = Dodge (6.75% base)
Blue = Cooldowns (8.1% at 18)
Quintessence = Dodge (1.5%), Dodge (1.5%), Crit (1.5%)
This totals ~10% Crit, ~10% dodge and 8.1% cooldowns

Blitzcrank can be the fastest hero in the game. I consistantly and constantly have 450 to 657 move speed at level 13. With Phantom, Ghost, Overdrive, Nimbleness, and Masteries he can move faster than any other champion. This is great for escaping or initiating. If an enemy uses flash to get away you can still get close enough to grab them within a few seconds. You could even stack move speed inside your rune page, but that would probably be a waste.

With the 30% or more dodge, tower diving/tanking, neutral creeping, and hero ganking/tanking is very easy.

Rocket grab is good for one thing, grabbing. It is not a significant source of damage due to it's high cooldown and cast animation so I only put 1 point into it. Attrition is the goal for Blitz when fighting enemy champions, not dealing damage. His fist keeps the enemy from escaping, attacking, and casting spells effectively. It's not very common for melee champions to try to 1v1 Blitz so when they get pulled by rocket grab they usually run. The slow from Phage is nice, but his fist slows and with his overdrive and rocket grab no one is getting away easily. Let your team get the items to do damage and get kills. Blitz is there to make it easy for them to get stacked with damage items.

The key to playing a good Blitz is to catch hero's off guard with rocket grab, defending your team's DPS heroes, and stopping the other team's spells. Carrying the team is NOT ideal for this champion. Blitz does not need items or neutral buffs to play his part. Let your team take the lizard and golem buffs whenever possible. Blitz does not need mana, slow, or cooldowns from neutrals with my build.

Extra HP is not important, but your team may need 2 damage sponges. If this is the case then replace Infinity's Edge with Phage or something else that adds HP and damage, or HP and magic resist.

Pulling a hero away from their team for an easy kill ruins the other team's chance of defending or pushing. Defending your DPS heroes is easy with fist, grab, and static field silence. You should not chase heroes down while the rest of your team is fighting, but chasing down that last hero with your move speed, rocket grab and power fist is easy (and extremely rewarding when you finish off the last champion for an ace). Getting a kill is not worth giving a kill to the other team. You want to push after every battle and to do that you need your team. Interrupting a Fiddle/Nunu like ultimate is essential for winning team battles. NEVER use grab to stop channeled spells right now as it will cause the spell to auto complete and deal 100% damage.

Use static field often. It has a short CD, good burst damage, and silence. The silence not only stops abilities but summoner spells as well so they cannot Flash, Cleanse, or Ghost. In team battles it is imperitive you silence their CC and high damage abilities before they are cast. As Blitzcrank, you should be the first hero on your team to use their ultimate. Even if you only hit 2 or 3 people with your silence it will wreck the other team's synergy, damage, and ability to take control of the fight. By the time silence wears off they fight will be mostly over for the other team and your team should be left standing, ready to push for the win.

I have developed special combo moves with Blitzcrank that I did not cover here, but I can assure you that when you learn of these things I was probably the first to experiment and fine tune them.

Thank you Riot for giving me such a blessed, OP champion.


Good build. gave it a shot today, with kassidin as lane partner. was pretty effective. Thanks

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seems i have to start playing with better opponents.. i allways finish after frozen malet xD... its simply GG ^^

Btw.. I start with the shield and a mana potion for +hp and regen. Its easy to stay in lane for 1k or even 2k gold with some kills. And with a partner as twisted fate or some ranged killer.. just grab an opponent power fist him and .. nothing to add because u are godlike in 10 mins ^^

The best move however is.. early when a killer like rat or archer thinks he can kill you on 1/3hp.. and you move back to tower.. then fast turn and grab and GG again xD

Blitz so amazing hero.. rly

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Peppermint Patty

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I love Blitz, he's amazing. But I have a few questions. I haven't been playing this game much or reading up. But I love using Pudge from DOTA who has similar skills.

Whenever I'm in the jungle and there's like trees or stones infront of me, I try to hook the oppenonts champion but nothing happens. The hook will them but it won't drag them towards me. Sometimes it does and when it does , it doesn't go through the trees or anything like that. Is that suppose to happen?

and another one, Is blitz a tank? I see myself going into late game with Infinity or almost just BF sword and I have around 2k health, but I still have about 77 armor(not sure if it's exact) and the whole team is telling me to tank and go in first. I feel like, blitz isn't able to tank with just 77 armor and high hp. He's like a piece of meat going inside that gets kills in seconds. Unlike other champions that make amazing tank like Dr Mundo, Alistar and etc.

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You can hook through walls only if there's enough space for the other champion. So if you're right next to the wall, with no space between, then hook won't work.

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Peppermint Patty

Junior Member


You can hook through walls only if there's enough space for the other champion. So if you're right next to the wall, with no space between, then hook won't work.

Thank you so much, that cleared up a lot for me.

Anybody else about the tanking?

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Omg this hero is fucking overbalanced!!!
All Skills are for the Moment then the Enemy is near the Blitzcrank.
Hello, fucking programmers, wtf have u doing?? So op, how many you get killed, if he get you with his right hand??


LOL. Hilarious post.

Anyway, here's my 2 cents. This is just how I play, the only 2 games I've had so far, which I finished 7/1 and 16/2, or something like that.

Flash and teleport, best summoner spells so far. I might work on flash because so far I haven't really used it. I don't like to waste it on a chase, but I haven't really used it to survive either, so half the time it's cd is ready, but I don't need it.

Anyway the items:

Regen pendant
Philosophers stone (640 gold, I pill back and teleport back)
Boots of spiftness
Frozen Heart
By this time the first game was over, the second game I got a trinity force, just for the hell of it. Good items might be anything that reduces cooldown and increases health/armor for me. I'm thinking of soul shroud or items like that.

My runes are crit, speed and crit damage.

So all in all: I kind of play him like a tiny bit of a tank with cooldown reductions so I can spam abilities and get kills like that. I need something to slow him, which trinity force (or phage + frozen mallet does), but I haven't gotten to those items. Earlier in games I don't need to chase because people can't seem to get away from the burst damage I produce plus the ability to hook 'm.

I'll try out some different builds as I play more, which I will, 'cause Blitz is awesome.

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Junior Member


I played the last couple games with basically the same build as MrCharming (above). Although initially he seems like a pretty average or sub-par character, I've found him to be amazingly effective. In terms of team contribution I think Blitz is a fantastic hero.

Even against good teams there's a huge psychological advantage with Blitz. He can remove the strong caster or carry from a group and disable them, or pick off any character and pull them to a group or turret from a long distance. People don't run in to him very often, so when they do and you get off a few good grabs early on the team turns in to a bunch of chickens; all trying to hide behind each other or minions, and avoiding towers since they don't want to be pulled. When someone is pulled their instinct seems to be to run away, very few people stay to fight even if they really should win.

Plus a perfect grab is so darn satisfying.

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Stopped playing Jax lately to play bltiz, he is so fun to play, specially when you pull off a successful grab. This guide helped a lot, never realised Sheen was so important.

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Even without the aoe silence (which was op)
Blitz is still amazing, I prefer actually going.
1. fist
2. grapple
3. overdrive
4. fist
5. grapple
6. static
etc etc
Reason being I like going for philosophers right away as well, with health regen first. You could go meki but that gives you less flexibility as far as who you're going to lane against.
Unless they're absolutely retarded, you're not going to get a kill and need grapple within the first 30 seconds *, and fist gives you easy money with short cd and low mana cost. 30 seconds later you hit level two and you can take grapple and try for a gank if you want. (* note, I'd go grapple first on top or bottom if I had someone else with me)

Item build philosophers then boots of swiftness, with grapple it's such an easy way to get a team gank...After that I actually like to work up to frozen mallet through phage, or tri, the extra hp is great for blitz, even if he's not a tank he's usually absorbing some front-line hits. Also, even with fist and grapple you'd be surprised how far some people can run before you can kill em...frozen mallet and they don't even try, it's beautiful.

I'm not sure how overdrive get's people killed, just be smart in it's use, early on it's an easy way to run back to your tower if you get in trouble, or close 10 yards and grab an enemy back for a charge fist....Obviously hitting overdrive, running into an enemy turret and punching an enemy hero is going to result in bad times...

All blitz is missing is a new paintjob, I feel like they gold-washed him to rush him out the door, a big daddy bronze/blood paint scheme would rock.