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[Guide]Fiddle The AoE Nuker

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Hello all,
As this is my first guide I'l do my best to explain everything.

Why Pick Fiddle?
Fiddle is an amazing char in many ways. He is able to do massive damage with his ult and yet silence and fear (just as good as a stun) just to follow up with life drain. This combo leads to certain death for most if not all heroes. He can take down entire teams alone as well as be used to initiate fights (when your teams aren't morons and dont run in when you ult) He is also one of the best lane solos in the game when played correctly. My guide is going to assume you are mid solo as this is the best way I've found to get a huge edge on the enemy team early on.

Fiddle's Skills

[Passive] Horror
: Nearby enemy Champions have their Magic Resist lowered by 16.

[Q] Terrify:
Fears the target for [1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0] seconds. Costs [65/85/105/125/145] Mana. Range 525.

[W] Life Drain:
Drains [50/75/100/130/160]+(AP*0.4) hp/second for 6 seconds. Costs [80/100/120/140/160] Mana. Cooldown 12 seconds. Range 450.

[E] Dark Wind: Deals 100+(AP*.35) damage and bounces [3/5/7/9/11] times, may hit the same target many times. Silences for 0.75 seconds. Costs [50/70/90/110/130] Mana. Range 600.

[R] Crowstorm
: Channels for 2 seconds, then teleports Fiddlesticks to target location and causes a murder of crows to attack nearby enemies. Deals [170/250/330]+(AP*0.4) damage per second to all nearby enemies for 5 seconds. Costs [200/300/400] Mana. Range 800.

Many people would argue with me but based on my playstyle I put 28 points into utility and 2 points into defence. The reasoning behind this is mainly the support and cool down reduction. I use flash and ghost so utility gives your ghost increased speed and flash reduced cool down. You also get a huge increase to overall ability cooldown. The more often you have your ult the more often you can gank and I like to be aggressive.

I stack pure ability power and magic penetration completely evenly. +14 in both

1)Dorans Ring + health potion
2)Scorcer's Shoes
4)Lich's Bane
5)Zhonyas Ring
Keep in mind for this build to work you must be able to not die. I usually die no more than 3 times in a game and have got as high as 35 kills. With this combo combined with a fully stacked Soulstealer you will be well above 575 ap. If the game lasts long enouph pick whatever scepter is applicable to your situation. Protecting your stacks is of most importance to stay on your A game.

Play Style
So again I'm assuming you are playing mid.
1)Crowstorm(Great easy way to keep the enemy away from you through level one.)
2)Life Drain(This skill alone will keep you in a lane for a long time.)
3)Fear(Many ppl would stack crowstorm but i like to get these out of the way for my lvl 6 gank. Its also a great herass if your enemy gets to close and followed up with the drain)
4)Crowstorm(At this point you want to be getting crowstorm as often as you can and evenly puting points into fear and drain when you cant. This allows your ult to be much more affective early on. And does subtantually more dmg.)

The way to play fiddle is to stay back and just level. If you think you can get a crow to bounce from a minion to your enemy go for it but there is never a real need to get to close. Focus primairily on minion kill shots and trying to get the crow to bounce to the enemy. It does crazy damage early on.

Now the game can change for you a bit. Wait for a opening to leave your lane. Never leave the mid tower in jeperdy. Only leave if you push back to the enemy tower so much u have a row of minions trailing towards it and minions near the tower to spare. Or if your enemy pills.

Gank option 1

Keep in mind if your enemy has taken some damage you have a great chance of killing him with your ult. He wont just stand there and let you charge without running. What I like to do is run back as if im leaving and sneak around the river into the bushes. (DO NOT LET HIM SEE YOU DO THIS) Fiddle's success depends on being sneaky. So if you got enemy minions near you dont even bother. Once in the bush wait till hes close enouph pop your ult as close as you can, flash into your enemy and cast crow, fear,and drain. Hes dead if you did it right.

Gank Option 2

If you feel you have a better chance in another lane again do not let mid see you leave.
Pick a lane with weaker enemy (less lp). Take the river and hide in the bush at the end of it. and again same strategy. Wait til both are close. Ult+flash+crow+drain if one of em has already taken allot of dmg your ult+ crow will probably kill him. Focus your fear and drain on the enemy with more hp.

At this point you need to go back to base and get whatever items you can afford. I like to get ap items ASAP so i go back whenever i have a chance to increase it.

From this point of the game its all up to you. Do not run head on head with other teams unless your ult is down and even then you herass with crows. If you have your ult and your team is in conflics always take the back roads. Take the rivers, jungles, and always remember that your biggest asset is the elemate of surprise. The reason i use ghost is for escape (always avoid losing stacks) and when flash is down its a great way to ult and not let them get away. Also, remeber you can ult through objects. Its much like flash accept longer distance. Sometimes it looks to far but clicking the edge of the far treeline will still get your ult teleport off. Anyways, I hope this guide helps and feedback is always welcome.

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Angry gorilla

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Nice guide, inspiring me to play fiddle next game +1

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guide basically consists of:

buy mejais,
don't die,
sneak up on people,
ult out of the bushes at them and blow everything you have.


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Thx for the feedback solitaire. And yes that is a huge part of it. The distress you can cause to the other team is a huge part of the strategy. It makes it a much more stressful situation for them to group one lane with 4-5 people and causes them to break apart. Your right, its about not dieing and sneaking up which makes the other team reluctant to push. However, it is a team effert. Ive had games where i get 25 kills with lil to no deaths just because my team wont push (granted i do allot of pugs) and we lose. However, the pressure you put on the other team is imence and felt. Fiddle is not great pushing char and your role is inevitbly to support your team in team fights. Thats what this guide is about. Im not saying just blow cool downs for yours self, but for your team. You can ace a whole team with this build allowing a push for the win. Its the most effective way I've found to use fiddle and if you have a better way feel free to post it as I am open to trying new things.