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About the Runes

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Yo lxSp0LaRxl ! I'm writing this in hopes that Riot Games magically emails you, in order to get your attention .

I have a tiny favor to ask, with regards to a game you played for about five minutes: Planetside 2.

When you last logged in, you reserved an "Outfit" tag (Planetside's version of a guild) by the name of "SHHH".

https://www.planetside2.com/players/...14425118787767 (https://www.planetside2.com/players/#!/outfits/?outfit=37514425118787767)

By some miracle, would you be willing to part with ownership of that tag? I'm hoping to get something going with it. I figure you'd be able to, since you haven't logged in in over a year and there're no members in that outfit.

Unlocking an Outfit is super simple, which I can walk you through if you happen to get this.