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Alistair players I need your help for a tank build

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Luke Gallows

Junior Member


Hello I have played with alistair quite a while now so I want to know if this tank build is good or if know something else I should buy instead

dorans shield
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
sunfire cap
Warmog's Armor
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Randuin's Omen

and don t know what runes I should have or masteries so please help me with this

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Senior Member


Drop the warmogs and rylais.

Ionian boots could be swapped for boots of mobility
You need some magic resist so a FoN or Banshees veil would be a great addition

Typically I roam with alistar so my early game items may look a bit different but end game I get tanky... Heres my build

Boots/hp pot/ward ->proceed to ward their red buff and linger around the nearest lane when they should hit it

Philo stone -> great mana/health regen and gold 5 for roaming
Heart of Gold -> builds into a tanky item, gives you a little more surviability and more gold

Upgrade to Boots of Mobility

Heres where you need to use your head a bit, look at who is carrying their team the most, if its ap get a negatron cloak, if its a phys champ build up to frozen heart for the CDR

If they have some AP damage build either FoN or Banshees. Typically FoN is built for the movement speed and the health regen, banshees is nice for the extra HP and mana, the shield feels like it blocks 1 poke so really isn't noticed.

The most important thing to remember as a tank is that your build needs to be flexible. Against a heavy mage team get MR, phys team get some armor, against true damage champs you need HP. The only attribute that is a must no matter what you build is CDR. You need to use your CC as much as possible in team fights.

9/0/21 runes, although I don't know if thats the standard ali mastery
Summoner spells flash/ghost - both are still necessary
Because I roam I use a rather odd rune page, so you may want to modify it quite a bit, mana regen per lvl, cdr, movement speed quints, and I believe magicpen

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Senior Member


Well, with Alistar, just to let you know -
if you go full tank WITHOUT cooldown reduction items, you will be IGNORED. A lot.

Alistar is different from other tanks, in that considering his ultimate (the "f*** you I can't die), he can itemize for other things without going FULL tank. Also, unlike other tanks, building him full tank makes him IGNORABLE.

Keeping that in mind, you might want to consider items like Glacial Shroud (armor+mana+cdr), Spirit Visage(MR+health+cdr), or anything really that reduces cooldowns while increasing tankyness. Also, masteries wise, you will probably want at LEAST 21 in Utility. It gives movement speed, cooldown reduction, Summoner Spell cooldown reduction, and even mana regen. The other nine, I usually see most Alistars place them into the offense tree for cdr and the spell pen.

Placement is also really important on Alistar. You'd want to be fast, so one possible choice for boots is boots of mobility. I prefer mercury treads for the cc reduction, but it's up to you.

One final thing you want to consider getting on Alistar is the sheen. Sheen is REALLY good on alistar for a couple reasons:

Gives MANA (u need bro?)
Gives DAMAGE (you can activate it using Roar)
Gives SEXY (you shine when you use it)

With it, Alistar will be less IGNORABLE when you enter a fight. It gets less effective over time, so I tend to upgrade it to trinity (for movement speed and epic lulz at destroying squishies)

Also, did I mention full tank Alistar is IGNORAB:E?

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Junior Member


I have a question then. Does alistar not need full tank items because of his heal? Does that make him the best tank there is?

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Junior Member


alistar doesnt need to go full tank because his ULT lasts 6 sec and he's basically invulnerable at those 6 seconds. so he can tank when his ult is up.

i'm just gonna do follow up on the previous posts. You get boots and pots straightaway to address your early deficiencies. Boots cuz you are slow and can't position fast enough. Your skills require you to be ahead of the enemy. The pots extrend your lane time. You need at least 700g before you return to camp. those Cooldown reduction boots should be your primary or secondary priority.

There are many many ways to play ali. if your team doesnt have a tank, going full ap alister is bad for teamfights. So i get lucida boots for cool down, a philo, a sheen, and work my way up to reverie. And then you can get a blasting wand too which is ap but it gives you the option for deathcap (AP) or Moon(ap+def against slows).

a complete power build of alister is as follows, (lucida, doran's ring,sheen, deathcap, lichebane) With this your ap is thru the roof.

its more important to headbutt at the right times. headbutt enemy away from their xp gains from last hitting. Headbutt enemies then run where they might flash for a quick stun; allow your partner to do the damage, while you keep them boxed in.

Remember, even though you don't have range and you're slow doesnt mean vayne or ashe can knock you around. If they have lifesteal and headbutting them away doesnt do enough, you should get a philo. If they don't have lifesteal, get a ap item.
if you can get sheen and deathcap, no one cap withstand your headbutt.

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Yeah... full tank is not a very good thing for our beloved benevolent and benefactor Cow.

He is a minotaur after all, so he need to do sum dmg as well... (through ap ad cdr or whatever you want)

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Fulltank alistar is ignorable for good and bad.

no damage, but you are really hard to kill.

Rush an RoA, then go tank, is about best damaging tank you can build.

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Senior Member


I've been playing him a bit lately, and I'll agree on most of these points. Move Speed is really, really helpful, gold per 5 items are fantastic, and full tank itsn't as effective as tank/ap hybrid.

Going full AP is something of a trap though. Alistar's ult means, even with no tank built, he is a full blown tank for 6 seconds. The question then becomes, can your team win a teamfight in 6 seconds? If the answer is YES, then by all means, go full blown AP and rock face. However, if the people you play with are anything like the people I tend to get matched up with in solo queue, teamfights last longer than 6 seconds because my allies focus amumu, then chase him when he retreats at half health, leaving the other team's equally idiotic carries to focus me.

So, for these sort of games, AP/Tank hybrid is a better build. Abyssal sceptre, glacial shroud, RoA, Zhonya's, and Spirit Visage are my go to items here. Work a deathcap and a lichbane in there somewhere if at all possible.

HI also typically start the game with Philo Stone, and HoG. The HoG typically becomes a randuins if I need more armor.

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Junior Member



Also, did I mention full tank Alistar is IGNORAB:E?

Well, sure, but do you not remember taht there's a thing called Atma's impaler?
3% of health as damage.

Tanks need to solo lane or jungle. Sharing a lane is just bad. You get sniped as alister, you don't last hit that well either.

Most likely you will junlge.
Here goes:
1.Boots, 3 red pots, grab blue buff, pref in enemy territory, proceed to kill everything in your jungle.
2. Return to upgrade to mobility, work on a heart of gold, grab a ward and some pots, rush back out. Gank if you have the chance.
3. Come back and make decisions. You can get two doran's rings and go the shushei rout of doman's deathcap-etc, straight up AP. Simple
Or you can buy a mana manipulator and depend on ganking and wards to TAKE out the opponent's jungle. Mana Manipulor upgrades to a 500 health + mana regen item called Shroud which costs the same as 2 doran's rings. For cooldowns you can get a Stinger which cost 300g and it gives attackspeed and cooldown. Very cheap. Then you can work on a higher end item. You can do Rod of Ages, but I like going frozen mallet, phage, etc. Your boots make you a chaser, your phage slows them down, your cheap 300g stinger increases your attacksppeed. All you need now is Atma's Impaler which does 3% of your health, which should be ginormous.

The problem with this build is that it is hugely susceptible to slows/stuns. So you may want to take out frozen mallet and give yourself a cheap tenacity item or go full banshee's veil. Personally, I might do hexdrinker.

Generally I like cheaper items that combo well rather than getting the best of everything. But Atma's impaler plus Stinger is needed for a Unignorable Healthy Alister. so you have 500 health(shroud), 250(heart of gold), 430(giant's belt)
1500 x 3%= 45 extra damage per hit

Which is not worth it at all. lol.