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Corki Tips?

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Master Dim Sum

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So I really want to learn how to play Corki better. He seems to be a great carry (I mean he is used a lot in the tourney games), and at the same time he's also an unpopular champ (I'm assuming because he's difficult to master and/or requires a good team). So yeah it's always fun to try and get good at champs that people don't usually play all the time.

Anyway I've read a lot of builds (most seem to follow Reginaids Corki), but I don't know they just don't seem to be working for me so far.

basically this is what I'm working with:

Quint: Armor Pen or A Pen and 2 Healths (Fortitude)
Mark: Armor Pen
Seal: Magic Resist
Glyph: CDR or Attack Speed

Masteries: still trying to figure this one out.

Build: Mana Crystal & 2 h pot - > Tear of Goddess - > Boots - > Manamune - > Sheen - > B Greaves - > Zeal/Phage - > Tri Force - > BV - > Phantom/IE - > Phantom/IE

Current Playstyle:
Early - Farm Farm Farm, harass if I can.
Mid - Farm farm farm, team fight if I can join
Late - running with team hanging in back dishing out DPS, farming where I can.

Okay that's what I'm doing: but yeah I just don't feel that effective.

-Should I perhaps rush the Phantom and IE combo over the triforce after getting the manamune? btw I do really like the manamune because it really allows me to spam the abilities and gain some AD over time.

-What is the best way for me to contribute in team fights. I obviously want to stay in the back so I don't put myself in danger, save W to escape or chase the guy who's about to die. I try to do auto-attacks, shoot rockets, and toggle E. However I find when I'm toggling E, I end up putting myself in danger, how do I spray the gattling gun keeping it effective spraying it on the enemy during team fight without accidentally putting myself in the middle of the fight?

-I know BV is pretty much a must on any carry, when should I build this? after the PD and IE, or maybe build Zeal, BF sword, then BV then finish IE and PD?

-I've seen some people recommend armor as a must on a carry. but Corki isn't exactly a melee carry, does this not apply? or should I still get some armor? if so, what? Sunfire gives health, but I don't expect to be in the middle of a team fight for my AOE dmg to apply. thornmail gives better armor, but then again I don't expect to be tanking hits from a melee to get the magic return dmg. Frozen heart just seems to expensive of an item for a carry to buy for defense rather than offense.

-Lastly, I played a game where we were taking down Baron and I toggled E to help shred Baron's armor so we could kill it faster. One of my teammates got mad because apparently the noise from E could have given away our position. Was he being stupid or was I being stupid?

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For starters, he was being stupid.
i would recommend starting with either boots and pots or DB instead of mana crystal. Focus on last hitting and try to use as little mana as necessary.
I would say try to build an early sheen and turn it into a triforce ASAP.
If you need the extra mana from a tear, then build it after sheen.
With the combo of your Q, rockets, and the sheen procs, you will do massive burst damage early game. After triforce, go for bloodthirster so you can sustain yourself in fights, then go Banshees veil.
mix in upgraded boots when it is convenient.
In fights, follow your team in and try to deal as much damage as possible. If they turn and focus you then valkyrie out and your team should be able to kill them while you attack them when they run away.
Also, i use armor seals and MR glyphs for some helpful early game survivability.
The armor helps alot with the minion agro that you can get, so yes it helps on ranged carries as well.

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Try this Corki Guide (http://www.squidoo.com/league-of-legends-corki-guide), it improved my play by alot.

Whats with your runes? Seal = Magic Resistance?, i think you typed it wrong. Basically your options are (bolded what i recommend):
Marks: Armor Pen
Seals: Mana Regen/Armor/Attack Speed
Glyphs: Cooldown/Magic Resistance/Attack Speed
Quints: Health/Armor Penetration/Mix of Both/AD

I like a defensive rune setup to help me out last my opponent, combined with Manamune and Strength of Spirit (what i learnt from regi) its very hard to force you out of lane and stop u farming it up.

Masteries you want 0/9/21, you want Strength of Spirit for the Manamune and utility gives you all the importants (summoner cooldown, bonus exp, increased buff duration, movement speed)

- I've tried rushing AD items like IE/PD, it was horrible, but feel free to give it a try yourself.
- Contributing in teamfights with corki just takes practice, sit on the outisde of the teamfight, use rockets and dont forget to blind their carry with your Q. when someone seperates or gets caught off turn on that E and get in there (use valkyrie and a combo of flash/ghost to stay safe).
- Generally i will get banshee's after Trinity (Manamune > Trinity > BV)
- You dont really need to build armor, ive only ever done this once when the enemy was all AD, just some basic armor from runes to reduce early game damage is enough.

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The problem with PD on Corki is that it doesn't benefit any of his actual abilities, except his auto-attack. I really can't recommend it on Corki with how well gatling gun scales with AD, and now that his missiles do as well.

I don't like Manamune on Corki because it puts off actually dealing damage for far too long. The same goes for rushing a Catalyst. I just hate how long it takes before I can actually rely on my attacks to do something useful besides last-hitting.

For now, I think I'm settled on a 21/0/9 build, with Ghost/Flash, starting with Dual Doran's Blades, and Berserker's Greaves. From there, you can go Sheen, or just grab a BF Sword if you've been farming well. I run mana regeneration seals, and I simply don't have mana problems on Corki like many complain. I last-hit with auto-attacks, harass + last-hit with Q and auto-attacks, and your ultimate uses so little mana it's a non-issue.

So the core winds up being dual Doran's (unless farmed exceptionally well to grab an early BF Sword), Berserker's Greaves, Sheen, and a BF Sword. From there, Bloodthirster, IE, Black Cleaver, Banshee's Veil, and Randuin's Omen are all viable items.

Some other tips include skilling order, R>Q>E>W. Q is always maxed first for burst and blind.

Also, never use E to farm, it costs too much mana and is your main killing tool. Q+R will wipe caster minions and Wraiths in one volley. You can wrack up CS incredibly fast. Last-hit. Get really good at it. And thanks to his passive, last-hitting is that much easier.

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i like going dorans x2 to start, then zerkers greaves. After that either manamune (start with tear) or instead of manamune go for chalice ( nice due to mag resists and regen) then bloodthirsters, then inf edge or banshee depends on game.

my runes are attack speed and mana regen. i have 25% as, and about 24mana regen.

i start with E, then W, then Q. Max E, then i Max Q, then W. R when possible.

my masteries 21/0/9

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Watch the dreamhack videos, I remember him being quite popular in a few maches.

You start with 1 point in W because it can save your bacon, and max Q first. Corki can harass VERY well, and it prevents the pushing that E causes. Manamune is a rather core Item on him because he uses so much mana, and having a large pool and good regen allows for extended poking with his ult. Triforce is manditory. Bloodthursters and Black cleaver are both very good choices, because your E is flat Pen so they complement each other and everything you do scales off of AD anyway.

I would run APen red, Armour yellow, MP5 blue and either flat HP or more APen quints.

Play Ezreal and lrn2Skillshot pew pew.