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Shaco Gank build

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Junior Member


How about providing something critical rather then 'bad guide'. He's trying to help other people, and you're doing nothing but trolling him. Get out.

Domestic Troll Assault... get out

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Pwnacus Maximus

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God, how many times am i gonna have to post this guide? http://www.leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/104,Super+Sayajin+Shaco
follow it as if it were megan fox, never diverge, and you will amost always win.

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dr dabich



I consider this a bad guide. Don't take it personally, but in my opinion, AP is the way to go. 9xMagPen Mark, 9xhealth/lvl or dodge Seals, 9xCdr flat Glyphs and Quints of Speed.

Early on some mana regen or health regen item, depending on your stlye, boots of mobility after philosophers, void staff, replace philosophers with hunting guise etc. Along with that boots of mobility.

JitB, Decieve, Jitb, Shiv, and from then on JitB/Shiv alongside with ulti when appropriate. You just need to be everywhere and early on work with teammates for kills, depending on the map. It is crucial to have buffs from golem/lizard on summoner's or any from TT. Preferably Ghost's for total gank ownage and escape and Dragon's for extra dmg. Put JitBs everywhere and take teleport so you can control map even more so. Shaco is scary on TT if you have good team. Almost unkillable.
Just a small input from my point of view and preference.