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Minimap Champion Portraits

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A Planeswalker

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I hear you. You want more bang for your buck. When you purchase skins, you want the option to see them anywhere your portrait is shown, but not necessarily impact the experience for others. Would that still be as valuable if only you could see those images?

I hear anything is better than nothing. Also having my skins matchup to character/portrait would be OP.

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I personally would love to have the minimap and status portraits line up. I actually find it more confusing, especially starting out fresh and new ("which is the one in the swimming trunks? is the the bearded fellow...no can't be, that's the viking...&quot. I then use the process of elimination, especially if i'm trying to find a new cool looking skin. It's not game-breaking, but it can be distracting ("who is that...hang on, is that...let me check real quick...&quot. this would also help with the immersion we seek in picking said skin. That said, having this as an option would be a lot better imo. Those who just want the game have the original option, while those of us who love the awesome artwork or just need that extra bit of consistency between their champion and their portrait have some eyecandy to be satisfied with.

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On the subject of minimap champion portraits.

I play on 1366x768, which is the most popular laptop screen resolution according to Statcounter (http://www.engadget.com/2012/04/11/statcounter-finds-1366-x-768-to-be-most-popular-screen-resolutio/). It's difficult sometimes to make out how many champions are at a teamfight or in a lane, as the icons can overlap heavily. Would it be feasible to implement minimap portrait scaling, or perhaps a color/arrow option as found in other MOBA games?